Saturday, October 7, 2017

Treat Your Dog To A Day Of Luxury At The Pet Spa

If you have never treated your dog to a pet spa, then your dog is missing out on an amazing day. Your dog is treated to a day of bathing, pampering and relaxing at a pet spa. You can expect the following services when you visit a pet spa in Plymouth MI.
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Spa Bath - The spa bath involves gently washing your dog with warm water and pet-friendly shampoo. The staff bathes and massages your dog to get rid of odors and tension. It creates a warm, soothing environment that helps your dog to relax. The spa bath ends with a fluff dry and brush out.

Ultra-Rich Coat Conditioner - If your dog has a long, dry or damaged coat, then this is the treatment for them. The staff uses ingredients such as aloe, comfrey and colloidal oatmeal to heal and condition their coat. The treatment leaves their coat feeling soft, silky and healthy.

Shed Reducing Treatment - This is a great treatment if your dog has a problem with shedding. The staff reduces the shedding by quickly and carefully removing the undercoat. You should see an improvement within two treatments, but you want to book an appointment every six weeks. You can spend less time cleaning pet hair and more time playing with your dog.

Bubble Bath Pawdicure - It is important to keep their nails clean and trimmed, and your dog is sure to enjoy the bubble bath and pawdicure treatment. Your dog is placed in a bath of bubbles and vitamin enriched oils. A member of the staff cleans and trims their nails with a professional pawdicure.

Blueberry Facial Scrub - Your dog is sure to feel great after a facial scrub with a mixture of blueberry and vanilla. The facial cleanser is designed to remove tear stains and dirt without stinging their eyes. Schedule a blueberry facial scrub to clean, exfoliate and hydrate their skin.

Additional Spa Services - You are welcome to add other pet spa services to their session. Schedule an appointment for a nail clipping, ear cleaning and tooth brushing, or treat your dog to a de-skunking session or relaxation massage. The services also include a flea and tick treatment, dematting and anal glands expression.

It is important to treat your dog to a day at the local pet spa. The luxurious treatment helps your dog to feel clean, healthy and relaxed.

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