Friday, October 13, 2017

Perfect Parenting In 4 Simple Values


Forget Crystal Maze, Fort Boyard or It’s A Knockout, the biggest challenge in life is trying to raise good kids. That is the responsibility that falls on our shoulders as parents. It is teaching them how to behave and how to think so that they can flourish in life and be successful in every way, not just in the capitalist focussed way society operates.

The good news is, this endgame is one that parents all over the world share. We all want to be the parents our kids need us to be; parents that teach them the right values. The tricky part is knowing what values are the most important and, let’s be honest, why.

So, without further ado, here are the values child experts believe we should be placing the most emphasis on. Hopefully, it’ll help.


It Starts With Respect
Almost every single good character traits stem from respect. Just think about it. Respecting authority will keep them out of trouble, respecting others encourages kindness, and respecting themselves is where self-esteem, self-worth, self-confidence, and ambition all comes from. Where there is an absence of respect is where laziness, disobedience, bullying, and loads more issues come from.

Responsibility For Their Actions
As parents, we want to be there to protect our kids when they, you know, screw up. But doing so will only teach them that they can do anything without suffering any of the consequences. This can’t last forever. The worst part is that sometimes life-changing results can stem from a lack of responsibility, whether it be a drunk driving arrest, teen pregnancy, drug addiction, inability to hold down a job, failure to finish school and more. This is what has happened to a lot of young people who got into trouble.

Manners Maketh Man
This has to be one of the most important values a parent can teach a child, not just because manners can take them a long way in social situations but because manners also have a direct link to higher IQs. That isn’t all, though. Manners are also associated with people that are more reasonable and more thoughtful, neither of which is easy to put a black mark against. Yes, manners come in the form of putting your knife and fork together at the end of a meal, but they also come in the form of consideration when talking to others; having consideration for their thoughts, feelings, and beliefs.

Quality People Always Win

To be born a natural ability or skill is great. It puts you ahead of those around you, although through very little of your own doing. You see, most people, whether that be teachers, coaches, employers or friends would prefer to be around people that are respectful - people that have quality - than people that are naturally good at something. Skills can be taught, but attitude, happiness and personality cannot, which is why being a person of quality will always triumph against those that produce quality performances.