Thursday, November 16, 2017

7 Things You Didn't Know Could Improve Your Curb Appeal

Curb appeal is something every home should have. It’s important for aesthetic purposes, not to mention if you plan on selling now or in the future. If you do plan on selling your home, curb appeal is something that you should focus on all the more.

You may have heard of curb appeal in the past, but do your realize that the 7 following things could improve your curb appeal? Read on to learn more!

1. Cleaning Your Car
Cleaning your car is one quick and easy way to improve your curb appeal, without having to spend a ton of money on repairs and improvements. It instantly makes the exterior of your home look better. This is a great tip if you plan on selling your home and you’re holding a viewing. Making sure the car is clean will give a positive air to the outside of your home, and contribute to the overall presentation.

2. Making Even The Smallest Repairs
You think that teeny tiny crack doesn’t need to be fixed? Wrong. The longer you leave these things, the more expensive they’ll be, and the longer they’ll take to fix. Making even the smallest repairs will improve your curb appeal and stop things from getting worse later on.

3. Adding A Coat Of Paint
A simple coat of paint to your front door could brighten the place up immensely and make it much more inviting. You can also begin repainting brickwork, although JD Hostetter & Associates recommend that you call in the pros to do this, as doing it yourself will be tricky to get right. It’ll take up a lot of your time too.

4. Cleaning Windows And Doors
Simply wiping over your windows and doors to keep them free of dirt and smudges will ensure your home’s curb appeal is on point. You want the entire home to look bright and shiny, and this is a quick way of achieving a better look.

5. Eradicating Weeds
Weeds are terribly unattractive things, so get rid of them ASAP. They really do make a difference to the aesthetic of your garden, and can stop better plants from growing if ignored. Adding greenery is important on top of this, so make sure you choose some great plants and include those. A beautiful garden will improve your curb appeal like nothing else.

6. Helping The House Next Door
You may begrudge the house next door for not taking as much care of their curb appeal as you, but instead of whining about it, offer to help. It’ll make your home look better by default. Trim their hedges, get rid of rubbish, and even hide their bin. Just make sure you ask them nicely first!

7. The Approach To Your Front Door

Finally, the walk up to your front door needs to be smooth and clear. If you have rubbish, weeds, old toys, and other things getting in the way, they need to be tidied up ASAP. You may also want to replace the paving slabs if they’re old, dirty, and all over the place.