Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Let It Snow...But Stay Indoors!

The cold is creeping in and with it comes snow, ice, hail and rain. There’s nothing worse than being stuck inside with over excited kids who just want to burn off their energy, but when the bad weather gets too bad, often there is little choice. Looking at the positives, wintertime is brilliant for families. When the schools break for the holidays, you get a chance to spend some one on one time with the children, doing things that make them happy.
Of course, you get the chance to indulge in outdoor activities such as sledding, building snowmen and ice skating, but there is such a thing as it being ‘too chilly’ to go outside. It doesn’t matter how much you bundle the kids up in hats and scarves, the cold isn’t always practical – especially when the heavens open and it doesn’t stop raining for a few days. In the interest of avoiding plugging the kids into screens for days on end, you need to figure out how to entertain them and you, so you don’t all drive each other nuts! Think of it as a challenge and you’ll be easily able to work out a way to keep your cool while the kids are entertained: win-win! Planning ahead is absolutely essential, so check out our list of indoor activities that are perfect for the winter weather.
Make Snow. The sky may not have let it go yet, but you can have some fun making your own snow inside, in the warmth. Check out this link for a recipe to make snow together inside. It’s messy, it’s fun and it’s a great way to still play with the fluffy stuff without freezing!
Movie Night. When you cleverly invest in the right package from www.Suddenlink.com, you get to have a year of free Netflix. This means unlimited movie choices for the whole family. Choose from these healthy popcorn recipes to make your own and take turns choosing something to watch.
Craft Day. Felt is probably one of the most fun craft materials out there, because it sticks without glue. Making holiday pictures like Christmas trees and snowmen scenes purely from cut felt is a great way to spend some time together.
Baking. A big part of bonding comes from eating delicious food, so baking it together as a family is just pure fun! Have everyone choose something that they would like to bake, and choose recipes together. Make sure you choose plenty of toppings and sprinkles, so that you can decorate together, too.
Board Games. Every family needs a good selection of board games, and you can sit around the table playing together for hours. Here are some ideas of the best family board games you can buy.
Decorate. The house needs some garlands and a beautiful tree for Christmas, so make some paper chains and garlands with as many craft materials as you can lay your hands on. It’s time for some Christmas cheer and the kids will love getting stuck in!

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