Wednesday, November 15, 2017

The Cell Phone Monitoring App: Pros & Cons

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Do you need to check on someone regularly but don’t have the means to do so? At the present time tracking someone’s cell phone is the closest thing to know a lot more about their personalities than what they would normally reveal. Hence, a cell phone monitoring app can benefit you by combining the GPS tracker and monitoring features in a single app.
There are a lot of different cell phone monitoring apps available on the market. These apps are becoming an increasingly popular solution for businesses, parents, and people from other walks of life who need to keep an eye on their employees and loved ones.
But the question is: what are the monitoring apps? And are there any advantages or disadvantages of using them? Let’s address the first part of the question first.
What is a Cell Phone Monitoring app?
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Cell phone monitoring apps are software designed to track the activities and information on a target device. This information is then passed on to a secure server where all data can be viewed through a remote control panel.
These apps are divided into two types on the basis of payment and features. The first type is a free type and is available as a time trial option with limited features.
The other type is offered as a multiple feature package with an amount to pay in order to access advanced features e.g. Xnspy. These features also vary from developer to developer and price of the package.
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  • They ensure safety
What forces someone to monitor a loved one? Aside from the curiosity and suspicion, the monitoring apps can actually be utilized primarily for the purpose of ensuring a loved one is secure and safe from harms of outside and digital world.
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The welfare of a loved one or a family member can be at risk due to many things such as environment, the intention of others and above all, the digital world. There are many software that claim to be the best cell phone monitoring app on the market. However, their utility and ease determine their usefulness in the long run.
  • Enjoy the liberty of remote monitoring
These apps allow you to monitor anyone remotely. It means you don’t necessarily have to follow them physically to monitor them. They can not only track locations for you, they can monitor calls, surroundings and anything on their smartphone.
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Let’s say that a fleet manager may need to track more than just vehicle positions. With a cell phone monitoring app like Xnspy engaged, the fleet manager can see exactly where the employee is whether they’re in a vehicle or outside of it. That makes a lot of sense for business point of view!
This can be especially useful for managers who are monitoring field operations—such as in utility companies that handle service calls. With data from the employee’s mobile device, managers could verify that employees were in proximity to a service call site for the duration of said call.
  • They are cost-efficient:
Having a mobile GPS tracking application is less than the cost of buying new GPS tracking devices and management software. In this way they, not only track vehicles, but help to keep in-touch with your employees as well.
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Similarly, for parents, the cost of monitoring their teen at school and outside can be unbearable considering their busyness with their jobs and house chores. Having an app on their kid’s mobile gives them peace of mind and they are cheap. For example, you can use Xnspy for as low as $8.33 per/month.
There are a few concerns regarding cell phone monitoring apps as well.
  • Risking sensitive information
Perhaps the primary drawback of any cell phone monitoring app is risking sensitive personal or business information. Some apps offer keylogging features that can steal passwords and other important information from your cell phone. In the same way, these apps can also be misused to spoof sensitive business information from the employees’ emails. But in the end, it depends on which type of app are you using. Many apps, such as Xnspy, do not offer keylogging feature so they cannot read your passwords.
  • Privacy Concerns

Reduced privacy is another concern of a cell phone monitoring app. Location information collected by these apps can provide an extraordinarily invasive glimpse into the private lives of cellphone users.

For this reason, it is possible to disable casual location tracking features such as the "Find My Friends" iPhone application. Tracking information remains available to the monitoring person or company for emergency services, however.