Thursday, November 23, 2017

The Bathroom: The Best Place For A Relaxing Haven

The bathroom, it's arguably one of the most underrated rooms in the interior of your home, and for some, it's the most productive room in the house. Freddie Mercury famously wrote Crazy Little Thing Called Love in the bath, and even Paul McCartney has extolled its virtues as a place to finish off a song. But it’s not just the songwriters who can get the benefits of being in the bathroom. You can make it one of the most relaxing places in the house, and this can be done in a few simple ways. Let's jump in, but not into the bath just yet…

Create Calming Scents
Lots have been said about the impact of a smell evoking a certain memory, but also scents are used to help us relax. Scents like lavender, chamomile, or cinnamon can immediately put you in a mental state of relaxation. Whether by having scented soap or by investing in some candles that have your favourite relaxing scents, some of which you might find here, it is a shortcut to getting relaxed.

Spruce It Up
You may find that your own bathroom isn't a place for relaxation, but more a place where magazines have piled up, random junk has been dumped, and the bathroom is in such a state because there's been no time to clean it for a while. And if it's looking old and decrepit, then why would you? Instead, this might be the opportune time to add a few accessories to the bathroom to make it appear more inviting, such as an electric towel radiator, a new toilet, or even just changing the fixings for shinier models can make all the difference. And, don't forget, if you just have a shower, and you have the space, then it might be time for a corner bath to make its way to your bathroom.

Get Some Plants
You don't have to turn your bathroom into a rainforest, but a few simple leaves here and there will help to oxygenate the room and help you relax. Remember, lots of plants can't bare high humidity, so you are best investing in orchids or peace lilies.

Getting Into The Relaxing Frame Of Mind
This is when it's time to jump in the bath! And while candles are going to help, you'll need a few more things to help ease your way to a nice relaxing soak in the tub. As well as bubbles being a must, think about putting some rose petals or bath salts in, as bath salts help to relax the muscles. In addition to this, why not get a glass of wine and your favourite music, and drift off. There are also some relaxing channels of music you can find on YouTube. But remember to do what makes you feel relaxed. We are all different, so play about with what helps you.

The bathroom is the one place where we go to escape the stresses of our home lives. So make sure your bathroom is as relaxing as it can possibly be. If you don't have anywhere in your home that is relaxation central, it's time to nominate your bathroom as the relaxation epicentre.