Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Urban Survival Guide: Exploring A New City For The First Time

Exploring the world is a goal for most people. If you’re on this blog, it’s likely you’ve checked out our travel category. Not everyone will be interested in family matters, or home improvements, or cooking, or entertainment. But everyone will most likely be interested in some form of travel. Sticking and staying in one location your entire life is possible, but it can be unfortunate and sad.

It’s important to experience everything life has to offer, and travelling certainly helps open the door to that. For most of us, getting a break from work and being paid a holiday allowance gives us the potential to explore somewhere completely new, getting lost and absorbed for a number of weeks.

Heading to a new city can be a wonderful, frightening and overwhelming experience. It’s always important to do your research before you head out to become that little more aware of where to go and what to see. While uncovering somewhere completely blind can be worthwhile to satiate your adventurous spirit, it can be unwise. Just like entering a jungle for the first time should be coupled with survival knowledge and self-sufficient ability, entering a city should rarely be undertaken unequipped.

Here are some helpful tips to help you get your urban exploring fun on a wise and practical level:

Wield The Smartphone
The internet exists, and you’d be wise to use it in these instances. Make sure that you download a plethora of apps. For example, apps dedicated to ascribing walking routes in the inner city can give you a great ‘loop’ to experience the best the city has to offer, while preventing you from getting lost. Reading the Yelp or Google reviews of restaurants and establishments, you walk in before you do can help you avoid making a bad customer decision, and help you stick to the businesses which are seriously worth your time.

During a temporary vacation, mediocrity simply won’t do. Also, and this is something which Smartphones are increasingly moving away from (figuratively and seemingly speaking,) make sure to call your friends and keep in touch with them often. This allows you to prevent getting lost when you're going separate ways to explore, even in the same block. Use an app which allows you to see the GPS coordinates of your friend, and you can connect together more quickly, even after a day of seeing your own sights.

Travel Effectively
In busy cities, travel can be a nightmare. Sticking around in traffic and waiting for intensively busy public transport can overwhelm even the most seasoned of urban explorers. For this reason, using Uber codes for promotional savings can not only help you save a tonne of cash when being transported but help you identify the best and quickest routes with the help of a wise Uber driver dedicated to giving you a great five-star service.

If signing up to the app, you may be able to gain an extra complimentary allowance when signing up with a friend. Before long, you will have most of the city covered before you even realize.

Of course, the last tip is always: take plenty of pictures! Reminiscing about your city adventure will keep you occupied for some time. So have plenty of fun, and catch the moments which make you smile!