Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Fall Fun: Warming Your Insides With Winter Pastimes

The landscape is beginning to be showered with snowflakes both day and night. It's at this moment of the year that going for a walk in the winter wonderland is incredibly good for the soul. It's good to enjoy all seasons, and despite spring and summer taking the top spots for most-liked, winter is breathtakingly beautiful. It's both harsh and romantic at the same time, the ultimate paradox. Going out for walks in the parks, around your neighborhood or on country pathways is uplifting and allows you to see the world in a different light. On these trips taking some pastime enjoyments with you would elevate the experience from comfortable to enjoyable. It would add layers to the walks in the snow and treading on the ice that would both be mentally congenial and physically tingling.

Photo by baguggi

Hot and punchy

It just wouldn’t be a traditional winter without spiced rum or cider and mulled wine. These hot drinks were created for the fall as the weather becomes more challenging and the temperature less forgiving. Hot cider is a family favorite as the alcohol level is actually quite low. During the simmering process, the bitterness and ethanol in the cider get evaporated leaving behind a sweet and full-bodied drink. You can add a little nutmeg or a shaving of lime and or lemon zest. Mulled wine is a little more complicated to make, but essentially it has the same principals. You can, of course, go online and read how to make the most popular forms of this winter drink. There’s a lot of advice and easy to follow recipes that guide you step by step. There are varying flavors but you can experiment and create your own style.

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Hugging your insides

Without a doubt, one of the pastimes of the fall is enjoying a little warming of your insides. From the stories of Sherlock Holmes enjoying a pipe during winter in his London abode to figures of wise old rabbits with their smoking pipes in some old wives tales and folktales. The modern form of lighting up is a little different and actually healthier. Looking at the best dab rigs from dopeboo 2018 you can see this is one of the more affordable pastimes. These rigs that are made from glass are liquid vaporizers that use the classic water pipes to regulate temperatures and the strength of each usage. This makes the modular and easy to use for both those who know what they’re doing and beginners who want to experience it for the first time. Different flavors and textures of smoke are enjoyed by many who love this pastime but want to keep with the times. The heated pipe smoke brings a little warmth to your lungs and throat which is why they’re often desired during the fall.

Who says you should be locked up in your home waiting for the cold months to pass? You should be enjoying the pastimes of this time of year with renewed motivation. The warmth of both hot drinks such as cider and mulled wine as well as pipe smoke brings much-needed relief in the winter wonderlands. Everything in moderation, however, it's good to indulge but be responsible.