Saturday, January 6, 2018

5 Tricks For Hosting That Perfect Movie Night

In the spirit of the horridly cold weather outside, parents and families everywhere are having to get creative with the activities for their children. It’s far easier for those without children to manage to find activities to do outside the home; a good wine bar and a show of sorts are the best options and are often attended. However, when the snow is falling outside, and the children are running riot inside, you need to bring in a little calm and get your thinking cap on. The one thing you want to do above everything is to have fun, and you can do that with some structure. The best way to have fun and curl up the warmth? Movie night! It doesn’t matter what age your child is, whether they are six or sixteen – movies are the best. You don’t even have to go to the movie theatre to enjoy a good film and even nicer snacks. It can be done at home at any time, and you don’t have to just have your children there. Hosting movie night means inviting their friends and even your friends for a sleepover!
So, if you want to host the perfect movie night, you’re going to need some tips and tricks. You can find out here about how to get a movie package added to your current television service if you don’t already have one, or you can focus on the DVD aspect. It’s not just a case of popping a DVD in the player and sitting with a bowl of popcorn. Movie night can be so much more than that, and a far more memorable experience if you add a little more. Check out our five tricks below for an awesome movie night in!
Choose Movie Wisely
A big consideration for a good movie night is going to come within your movie choice. If you are choosing something like Star Wars or James Bond, you could choose to theme the entire night around the movie of choice. Your hosting is going to live or die on the strength of your movie choice, so it has to be a wise choice that you make. Put a lot of thought into your choice, here, because you need to consider that a room full of fairy-loving girls may not appreciate the cinematic brilliance of a car racing movie like Fast & Furious. Of course, girls can be fans of cars, but go for age and knowing the personalities of those in attendance. A movie night for children could centre around the introduction to a classic from your own youth, like E.T or Matilda. If you can’t pick a film on your own, make a list of five options and then put it to a vote once people arrive. If you have picked a movie out of a hat, then the choice is in the hands of fate!
Snack Attack
One of the big draws of heading to the movie theatre is the over-priced, but nonetheless delicious snacks. You can get your own children to get involved with this one, especially if they have their own friends coming over. You could really get creative here, and while popcorn is going to be an obvious staple, you don’t have to settle for just sweet or salted. Check out these recipes here for the perfect popcorn flavours and choose to make air-popped popcorn at home together. If you want to appeal more to older children, why not choose to make gooey chocolate chip cookies or brownies alongside popcorn? You could even have a nacho station where you can put out different dips and nacho flavours and toppings. The key here is to play to your own audience and base your snack choices on them.
Comfy Cosy!
In a movie theatre, you can choose to buy reclining seats that are comfortable and often have footrests attached. You may be hosting for more people than you have comfortable sofas, so why not invest in some giant floor pillows like the ones that you can find here? You can add some blankets, too, so that you can really create a comfortable and cosy environment for your guests and it means that people will want to come back to your house for the perfect movie night. There’s nothing wrong with borrowing pillows either, so if you haven’t got the funds to hand to buy them, get your guests to bring their own! It’s not a sleepover without extra bedding, right?
Talk Time
One of the best things about a movie night is discussing the film in greater detail and giving reviews and opinions on different scenes. You need to plan for this, so you can either wait until the end of the film or you can be exceptionally smart and tie in an interval! An interval halfway through the film gives everyone a time to know when the magic will be paused to allow for drink refills, snack refills and time to head to the toilet before the movie is played on. If you do this, you can ensure no one misses the movie and you give everyone a chance to give their opinion on the movie.
Add Games
If your movie is a well-known theme and you’ve invited your guests to dress up – for example, Marvel – then why not add some games to the action? A movie doesn’t last all night long, so you can choose to add in trivia games with prizes to test knowledge on the film or the characters or actors, and you can choose to have your guests play children’s games like musical chairs. Or pillows, as it’s movie night. It’s all about rewinding time and having some fun.
Movie night could be the talk of the year among your social circle, and all it will take is for you to put on a show as if you are the owner of the best movie theatre in town. Pick your film, pick your snack and snuggle down!