Thursday, January 11, 2018

Parenting: 3 Stages To Prepare Yourself For

Parenting is the ultimate joy in life; the experience you will find the most fulfilling throughout your entire experience. Raising a child, teaching them about the world around them, and gifting them a life filled with love and laughter is one of the sweetest feelings that we experience.

Of course, that’s not to say parenting is without its challenges. We all know about the sleep deprivation that comes from life with a newborn; and as discusses, the toddler years are no walk in the park either. However, as your child grows, the experience begins to calm, and a sense of routine is established.

Then they become a teenager.

As your child embarks upon this new stage of life, you will be faced with three different experiences. These are totally unlike any parenting challenge you have faced before, so it’s well worth thinking ahead and planning how you might cope with them…

The first romantic relationship
At some point in your child’s teenage life, you’ll be introduced to their first girlfriend/boyfriend. Many parents don’t quite know how to handle this; the protective instinct is powerful, and we want to make sure our child is as happy as possible. There are some great tips for handling this strange experience at

Learning to drive
Somewhere along the way, your beloved teenage offspring will be learning to drive. This is doubtlessly a very stressful time for parents, who foresee a future of panic, stress, and calls to the likes of to help recover from the accidents you inevitably expect. While your child learning to drive is indeed stressful and worrying, it’s important to keep in mind that it’s key for their independence, happiness, and even their future job prospects-- focus on the benefits and you’ll make it through okay.

Challenging career choices
Talking of job prospects, you will also be faced with your teenager beginning to make decisions about their future plans in life. This can inevitably lead to you, as a responsible adult, needing to find a way to encourage their dreams while still keeping one foot firmly planted in reality. They may imagine themselves as a singer or actor, but you’ll have to walk a tough tightrope between encouraging their passions and ensuring they have the educational background they need. It’s tough, so it’s worth having the career discussion sooner rather than later.

To conclude
Parenting a teenager has its challenges, but it also has many wonderful aspects. Your relationship with your child will change; many parents assume the change will be a bad thing, a separation of the maternal bond, but it is usually a positive. Your child will become a friend, a confidante, someone you can just spend time with rather than feeling like you have to constantly parent them-- and that’s a change you should actively look forward to.

So think about the future, plan your coping strategies, and outright excitedly anticipate the way your relationship with your child will change. If you can do that, then you’re already in good shape for the teenage years to come.