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Activities to Get Your Kids Active and Engaged in the Spring

The start of March marks the beginning of spring. With it comes many fun activities, breaks and holiday opportunities that you can take your kids on. However, deciding what to do can be pretty tough especially if you have picky children or a limited budget. To help you out, we’ve put together a useful list of spring activities that you can get your kids involved with. Whether it’s heading to the beach, going on a weekend break together to another part of town or even practising some new hobbies and good habits, we’ve got you covered with ideas.
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Spring cleaning with the kids
Cleaning might not be the most fun activity that you can think of, but it’s a good idea to get this done as early as possible so that your home is nice and tidy for when guests come over or when your family decides to visits. It’s also a great time to teach your children about basic spring cleaning maintenance such as cleaning out your pantry, cooking up meals with your children to use up near-expired items or even rearranging their room. Here are a couple of ideas to help get your kids more involved with the annual spring clean:

- Organizing areas of the home. Whether it’s putting all of your spices in alphabetical order or tidying up their toys and sorting them into different boxes, it’s important to focus on decluttering your home and organizing it as best as you can. You can get your kids involved with this and play little games to make it more interesting, such as who can organize a shelf the fastest or categorizing their toys into themes.
- Turn up the music. It’s always good to tidy up with some music in the background. This helps to get your kids in a good mood and it can convince them to move around and get active while they clean. You could sing together as well or even get your children to show you their favourite songs to start a conversation.
- Recycling old goods. Whether you hold a garage sale, donate to charity or even just recycle unwanted goods, this is a good opportunity to teach your kids about waste and how to get rid of it ethically. You should also be teaching your children about how to recycle, how to make use of older hardware (especially electronics) and also how they can save money in the future by limiting their waste.
- Make it an annual family event. It’s always nice to teach your children good habits when they’re younger so that it becomes a natural thing for them. If you’re having trouble getting your kids to help you clean, then check out this helpful article at to get some advice. Spring cleaning is one of those activities that could be turned into an annual family event so that the kids look forward to it and understand the importance of home maintenance as well as donating unwanted goods in order to clear up their clutter.
- Teaching about appliance maintenance. Spring is a great time to teach your kids about appliances that need maintaining. For example, you can let them know how the HVAC system works and who they need to speak to in order to get it fixed. You could consider services like; experts in HVAC systems that will assist you in fixing your appliances, but you can also let your children know what these services do, give them some basic information about how the HVAC works and explain to them how it keeps them cool during the summers. This might be a slightly technical topic, but it’s nonetheless a great time to let your children know how appliances in their home work.

The key here is to make it more fun for your kids and to be patient with them. Don’t be upset or frustrated when they decide to be lazy and play video games or watch television when they should be cleaning. Be patient, don’t get angry and try not to use entertainment or sweets and treats as a way to convince them to help you clean. Instead, teach them the value of spring cleaning and why it’s important.
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Going on a holiday together with the kids
Spring is a great time to go on a holiday together with the kids, but it doesn’t need to be a boring and stale holiday such as going abroad to another country or even travelling to another state. If you want some fantastic holiday ideas that you can indulge in with your kids, then here’s some great advice:

- Go on a road trip together. Road trips are fantastic budget ideas that can be done with little planning. Of course, it’s still a good idea to have a general sense of direction, but if your kids are adventurous and love to explore, then a road trip is a fantastic idea for a spring holiday together. Check out this article from to help give you some ideas on how to keep your kids safe when you’re out on a road trip.
- Visit distant relatives. If you have distant relatives in another city or state, then consider heading over and visiting them so that your kids can get to know their family. This is a great opportunity for your children to meet relatives that are around the same age, and they can also get to know older cousins that can help them learn about the world.
- Head down to the beach. A beach holiday or break is a fantastic way to enjoy some warm weather if you’re in one of the hotter states. It’s a great time to learn to swim, enjoy the sun and sample some delicious beachside food. Beach holidays are typically inexpensive and a lot of fun, making them a popular choice among many parents.
- Go to a concert or event with your kids. Do your kids have a favourite artist they want to see live? Consider taking them to a concert or event that’s in another city or event nearby country. It’s a great excuse to go out and travel and you can base an entire holiday around it.
- Consider a camping trip. Camping isn’t for the faint of heart! If you have adventurous children and love the great outdoors, then camping is an excellent way to get out there and experience something unique and new together with your kids. Take a look at this article at to learn more about camping and how you can indulge in it as a hobby with your kids.

Going on a holiday is perhaps the quintessential spring activity with your children. Some activities such as camping can be enjoyed all-year around assuming you plan for it, and going to the beach is something your kids can get used to especially when it comes to the hotter summer months. There’s plenty of fun to be had on a holiday with your kids, making it a fantastic activity to help them get active.

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Picking up a new hobby to enjoy
Hobbies are a fantastic way for your kids to learn new skills and get active. There’s plenty of choice during the spring, and the warmer weather opens up more opportunities for outdoor hobbies such as playing sports. The key is to let your kids pick instead of choosing for them. You’ll want to guide them in the right direction so they can pick a hobby that allows them to grow their skills and help in their development. To give you some ideas, here are a few fantastic spring hobby ideas for your kids.

Learning to cook with you. Cooking is a skill that most people will want to learn at some point in their life, so why not start early? You might find that your child has a natural affinity for cooking and they can even help you with preparing meals! This article from is a fantastic starting point with simple recipes that your kids can get involved with.
- Arts and crafts. Does your kid love art? Do they draw a lot or love to get involved with arts and crafts? Check out this huge list of arts and crafts activities at to learn a couple of great ideas that can help your children get more creative.
- Picking up a new sport. There are likely dozens of sporting opportunities in your local area. Even if it’s something like skateboarding or gymnastics, show your children all of the different sports and active hobbies they can get involved in and let them try different things.
- Playing an instrument. Music is a fantastic choice for creative kids. If your child loves certain instruments, how they sound or even how they look, then signing them up for lessons can be a great way to teach them a new hobby that they’ll love for life. Check out this post from to learn a couple of helpful tips for introducing musical instruments to your kids.

Hopefully, these ideas have given you some inspiration on what you can do to help get your kids active and engaged over the spring. It’s all about keeping your kids interested and enticing them with new opportunities and ideas whenever possible.