Friday, March 9, 2018

Is Your House Leaking Money: Tips to Reducing Utility Costs

Are your gas and electric bills extremely high as of late? If the hike in price has nothing to do with an increase in rates from your service providers, unfortunately, it means your home isn’t up to par. An inefficient home essentially leaks money - and lots of it. If it’s been a while since you’ve made improvements to your home’s structure, you could be watching money literally blow right out your front door. Below are a few things you can do to improve household efficiency and save a ton of money.
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Get New Windows
If you happen to live in a home where the windows and doors are outdated, you could be allowing money to escape. As they are designed to keep air from entering or escaping the home, if you feel a draft or see cracks around the frames, it is time to consider an upgrade. Service providers such as EZ Home Solutions that repairs and installs windows roseville mn and surrounding areas can help you choose efficient options that will pay for themselves over time.

With more efficient windows will keep the air from your heating or air conditioning system from escaping the home (and outside air from getting in), therefore reducing how high you’ll need to crank the system to feel comfortable at home. This will save you money instantly and throughout the duration of the window guarantee.
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Consider an Energy Audit
If your electric bill is getting out of control, one way to get a handle on it is to have a trained electrician complete a thorough energy audit. This is the process of surveying the home’s electrical system to check for damage as well as areas where the home is wasting money. The auditor will give you advice on what should be repaired and basic tips on how to conserve energy throughout the home.
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Install Insulation
Another way that air and money tend to escape the home is through the attic and basement. If either of these rooms in your home is drafty, you may need to install some insulation. The right amount of insulation helps to keep air from entering or leaving the home. Affordable at most home improvement stores and fairly easy to install, you can complete the task yourself or choose to hire a general contractor to do it for you.

If your home is leaking money, these three tips will help you to put a cork in it. As the home tends to become less efficient with age, you’ll want to review these things every few years. If you’re still not seeing an increase in savings, you may want to consider comparing energy providers in the area to see if you can find one who offers better rates.