Friday, March 23, 2018

Six New Skills You Will Develop as a Mom

Recently, it has been calculated that the work of a mom is equivalent to working two and a half full-time jobs. As parents we know were are exhausted, but now we have the evidence to back it up! But being a parent can be so worth it. In fact, there are many skills that you will hone or develop when you become a mom, that can help to you be an all-around better person and better at your job if you do work as well.

What are some of the skills you develop as a mom? Here are some of them that you will learn to develop and improve pretty quickly! Are there any others you can think of?

Time Management Skills
From the moment that your baby is born, you are watching the clock and managing your time in between diaper changes and feeds. So this is a skill that you’ll learn to use well. You’ll get more organized pretty quickly, and will wonder how you ever filled up your time before.

Problem Solving
There will be many times in your life as a mom that you will need to problem solve. From the logistics of getting different children to different schools on time, to resolving conflicts with children and their friends. According to things like sleep training and weaning are all part and parcel of the problem solving you will do as a mom.

Communication Skills
You can learn that when you’re a mom you have to be careful about how you say things and how they are said. You may also have to have difficult conversations with teachers, nursery, and even other parents. So improving your communication skills and learning to be clear and calm when you communicate is really key.

Practical Skills
You’re likely to need to develop some skills, or improve on what you already had, when it comes to some of your practical skills. You’ll need to improve in your first aid skills and nursing skills, as well as things like sewing, cooking, and crafts. Then you can save money as you can fix things yourself, or call on somewhere like Your driving skills may improve, as well as things like cleaning, and general ‘taking care of a baby’ skills!

Money Management
Having a family costs money, there is no getting away from that fact. And if you are going to stay at home with the children, then you’ll be down to just one income. So you need to learn quickly how to manage your finances and make your money go further and further when you have a family.

Creative Skills
As well as some practical things that you will learn to improve and develop, you will also unleash your inner creativity. Making up stories and using your imagination is a skill that you will certainly need to develop, as well as how to get a little creative to make long car journeys seem faster, or what to do when you’re not at home but have run out of diapers. Being creative and using your imagination is an important skill as a mom.