Thursday, April 19, 2018

The Many Benefits Of Owning Road Legal Quad Bikes

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Depending what you aim to achieve with road sports, whether it’s just riding around on a quad bike or something more extreme, you want the best vehicle on the market, especially when it comes to challenging and having fun with friends. In sports, different kinds of bikes can be extreme.
However, road quads have grown significantly in popularity over the past few years in many areas of the world and for a range of different reasons. Below, we take a look at what quad bikes actually are and some of the biggest benefits for anyone who would like to buy and drive a road legal quad instead of conventional vehicles such as vans, cars or even motorbikes.
What Exactly is a Quad Bike?
A road legal quad bike is a quad bike that has been modified and also registered, which means they are perfectly legal and safe to use on our roads. Drivers are expected to follow the exact rules and regulations, which will depend on where you live. Generally, though, there are a few set rules you absolutely must follow, including:
1. Tax
Generally, you are required to tax the quad bike if you do want to drive it on the road, the same way you would any other vehicle you would take on the road. Don’t forget to show your tax disc at all times.
2. Registration
The quad bike – be it a farm quad, sports bike or any other variety, has to be registered with your local vehicle licensing authority. You will then receive number plates or even registration plates which must be on display on the quad at all times. You will also receive the necessary paperwork that ensure you meet all the other requirements.
3. Insurance
For your road quad bike to be legal and to go out on the road, you must have insurance, the same way you would for a car. Quad bike insurance isn’t especially pricey, so don’t put off getting your quad insured. Policing authorities are aware that many riders neglect to insure their quad bikes and can be highly vigilant when the find an uninsured rider.
4. Safety
You must also meet certain safety requirements. You must ensure the quad bike is checked before it’s allowed to go out on the road and you are, by law, expected to wear a helmet.
Now that you know what’s expected of you as a quad bike owner and rider, let’s look at some of the benefits of using quad bikes.
The Benefits of Quad Biking
- Quad parts are usually easy to fit and cheaper than motorbike or car parts
- Quad bikes make getting around quick and easy
- They are safer than motorbikes, so if you are only travelling short journeys, consider a quad bike
- For those short journeys, quads are even quicker than vans or cars
- Farmers enjoy quad bikes as a quick way to get around their land – it’s also better for our environment
- Quad bikes tend to be more economical compared to other modes of transport
- Quad bikes make it easy to go off road, provided you’re permitted on the land you wish to drive onto
Overall, quad bikes provide a quick, easy and affordable way to get around.