Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Convenience of Using an App to Get Life Insurance | #JennyLife

This is a sponsored post with Jenny Life Insurance and BraVoMark. All opinions are mine.

The importance of life insurance is something that most of us are aware of but is also surprisingly one of the things that a lot of people overlook. They would think of life insurance as an added expense that they cannot deal with in the present time. The fact that getting the right life insurance can also be very inconvenient on the part of the consumer adds up to the reasons why it is not a priority for them.
But do you now that there is now a game changing app that will allow you to purchase life insurance in the most convenient way? For moms everywhere, this is definitely great news. Imagine getting rid of the long and tedious process of filling out forms, undergoing tests and waiting for your application for be approved.
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Jenny Life is the latest app on the market that uses modern technology to allow moms to get life insurance that is right for the whole family. Although Jenny Life works for everyone, it was built specifically with moms in mind. According to Chirag Pancholi, co-founder of Jenny Life, “Over 60 percent of mothers don’t have life insurance and we view this as a public policy issue.”

For moms out there who are not covered by their spouse’s life insurance or do not have the time to research about which life insurance can provide them with the coverage that they need, Jenny Life is the perfect solution for all their life insurance needs.
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The Jenny Life app is easy to use. You can start by uploading a photo of your driver’s license and from there, you can get instant coverage from an A-rated insurance provider. They will assist you with finding the most suitable life insurance that first your goals and budget. To learn more about this time-saving app, you can visit JennyLife.com and download Jenny Life Android App or Jenny Life iTunes AppStore App.