Saturday, April 7, 2018

Keep Yourself Safe on your Vacation in The Bahamas

When you’re on vacation you need to know that you can relax and feel safe. We all know that Bahamas Vacation Rentals are perfectly safe, but how safe will you be when you’re out and about? We’re going to take a look at this now:
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Crime in The Bahamas
Most crime in The Bahamas involves locals (Being the victim of crime) and tends to take place in areas that are not frequented by tourists. However, some tourists have become the victim of pickpocketing as well as property theft, with the latter being the most common type of theft that involves a tourist. Just as you should keep yourself and your belongings safe when you’re on vacation anywhere else in the world, so too should you keep yourself and your belongings safe when you’re in The Bahamas.

To lower your chances of becoming the victim of a crime in The Bahamas and anywhere else, you are advised to:

Play it Safe
If you need to go out at night, please make sure that you only ever go out when you’re with someone else, no matter how short a distance you have to travel. If and when you do find yourself alone, try to stick to tourist areas where there are plenty of people, and avoid secluded beaches, just in case.

You should also try to avoid travelling by car or taxi on your own, and at night. If you have to travel alone at night, opt to travel by car or licensed taxi, and don’t wind the window down for anyone.

Keep all of your Valuables in a Safe
When you’re at home you probably keep your valuables somewhere safe, and you probably know where to find them should you need them. When you’re on vacation it’s likely that your villa or hotel will provide you with a safe, and it’s important if you have valuables that you use the safe. Keep your passport and jewellery in the safe at all times; it may be tempting for you to wear all of your lovely jewellery out and about, but you could be making yourself a target, so play it safe, and stay safe.

Dangers in the Water
The Bahamas is known for its stunning beaches and blue waters, but those waters can also be quite dangerous. Strong currents can take even the most sensible tourist unawares, but so it’s important that swimmers stay inside the marked areas. If you see red flags displayed then you should avoid getting in the water at all as it means the sea is too rough.

Taking Drugs in The Bahamas
While some people are happy to take drugs when they’re on vacation, they could be breaking the law, and find themselves in a cell. In The Bahamas, cocaine, marijuana, and ecstasy, along with other drugs are illegal, and if caught, the user could end up in prison, even if you only have a small amount on you. In the Bahamas, a law enforcement technique known as Entrapment is often used. This involves police officers posing as a drug seller claiming they have drugs for sale. If you buy the drugs you will be arrested and you should expect to spend at least 1 night behind bars.

Don’t Drink Too Much
It can be tempting to drink a little more alcohol than you ordinarily would. With relaxed atmospheres and free-flowing drinks, some people consume a little too much alcohol. Here’s where they could be putting themselves at risk. Alcohol reduces inhibitions and tends to make many people feel more comfortable in unfamiliar surroundings. If you can limit how much alcohol you drink, you’re less likely to get lost and wander off somewhere. What’s more is you’re also less likely to get into an unlicensed taxi. Be sensible, stay safe, and your vacation is less likely to be spoiled by someone stealing your wallet.

Know Where you’re Going
One of the best things you can do when you’re in The Bahamas is to work out where you’re going, and how you’re going to get there. You will look less like a tourist if you know exactly where you need to be. Try to avoid pulling out a map as you’re walking down the street as this can highlight your tourist status to the wrong people. If you need to ask for directions go into a shop or tourist destination and ask for help there. There are often police on foot patrol in tourist areas around The Bahamas, so you could ask them for directions. Alternatively, you could always jump in a licensed taxi and asked to be taken to your destination of choice.

Staying Safe on the Road
In The Bahamas, locals and tourists alike need to drive on the left-hand side of the road, just as you would do in the UK. Keep to the speed limit, but be aware that some drivers may not. You may also want to be aware of pedestrians who tend to walk on the road, they do this because there aren’t enough pavements at the side of the road. So keep an eye out, and drive safely.

If you are sensible and you don’t take any risks your holiday in The Bahamas could be one to remember for all the right reasons. Keep yourself just as safe as you would if you were to vacation anywhere else, and your time spent somewhere special could turn out to be the vacation of a lifetime.