Wednesday, August 29, 2018

For Better Email Hygiene, Use an Email Verifier

Hygiene is something that people define as protecting oneself against bacteria or germs. But hygiene can be maintained in any aspect. Email hygiene is one of the most important things you need to maintain if you send email marketing campaigns. The best way to keep up with your email hygiene is by using an email verifier.
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An email verifier will keep your email list clean and help you accomplish the success you deserve from your email campaigns. What does it do? It removes invalid email addresses from your list and protects your sending reputation. Internet Service Providers decide whether you’re a legitimate sender based on the quality of your email list. There are all kinds of bad addresses that could have ended up in your database:
- Spam traps: they don’t belong to actual people and are created only to lure in spammers.
- Catch-all emails: created to accept all emails sent to a particular domain, even when the address is not correct.
- Abuse emails: they belong to frequent email complainers who will mark your emails as spam.
- Misspelled email addresses: they are invalid and should be removed from your list to prevent bounces.

- Duplicate email addresses: it makes no sense to keep them in your list and pay your email service provider to send to them.
These are just a few examples of email addresses that an email verifier will identify and eliminate from your email list. Cleaning your database manually would be basically impossible, but an email verifier can do it in a matter of minutes or hours, depending on how many emails you need to verify. Email verifiers check the entire email list in no time, returning well-organized results. They keep the valid email addresses and remove the ones that would hurt your reputation and deliverability.
If your email list needs a scrubbing, contact an email verifier to take care of the job. The price is affordable and you can choose the right package for you, according to the size of your email list. After a good email cleaning, email campaigns see much better results: a lower bounce rate, better deliverability and a healthier sending reputation.
In today’s technological world where most of the people are working online, it is very important to have a good online reputation. With the help of an email verifier, you can have a good and well-maintained email list and thus can keep your reputation clean. When you have a messy email list, your email campaigns won’t return the results you’re expecting. But an email verifier you can clean your email list fast and for an affordable price. So, if you have not tried it yet, it’s time to look for an email verifier today and go for it. You can then send emails with full confidence that they will reach your target customers and help you build better relationships with them.


Aaron Jimmy said...

Hi, thanks for this amazing information. I have used an email validation tool DeBounce and I think it offers more reasonable price in the market for email list verification.

Anonymous said...

Email list cleaning is very much important for maintaining a good email deliverability rates. I have been using EmailVerifier - backed by AI-powered 15+ checks.

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