Saturday, October 6, 2018

BannerBit Platform Review

If you’re not a stranger to making money online through buying, selling, and flipping online banner ads, you must be familiar with the BannerBit online advertising platform. Available on, the platform allows people to make money by buying, advertising, and flipping banners. All you need to start making money is buy banner ads from the platform and then sell them later to the highest bidder for profits. Let’s look at the procedure in more detail below.  
There are different account types offered, with full user support, and easy setup, which make it quite simple to buy and flip ads on the BannerBit online advertising platform.         

What is the BannerBit Platform and Marketplace?  

The BannerBit platform is an online marketplace where users can buy and sell advertising placements and banner ads for profits.
It is an ad flipping platform, where you can buy and sell banner ads that are published on third-party websites all over the internet. The platform is powered by secure software and has an accessible interface, which is easy to use for newbies as well as experienced marketers.         

How does it work and what types of banners are available?      

The platform is user-friendly, and all you need to do to start is make an initial $250 deposit. You can choose different categories when activating your account, which is as follows:
- Bronze package
- Silver package
- Gold package
- Platinum package
- Diamond package
Each package offers different features and you can buy banners from multiple categories including fashion, electronics, automotive, beauty, and kids. You can even choose the exact position and placement of the banner ad. There are banner ads from big name brands like Nike, Adidas, Revlon, Louis Vuitton, Versace, Kenneth Cole, Canon, Mercedes, Bose, Calvin Klein and more. Once you have purchased the banner ad, it is yours, and you make money when people click on the ads.      
You get complete performance metrics for your banners, including the number of clicks each banner ad has accumulated. This information can be used to buy banner ads with the highest potential to generate income. You can also measure the performance of banners that aren’t performing well, and sell them in the online marketplace for profits.         
You set the price for the banner ad and users will bid on it, just like an auction, so you can maximize your profits, by selling it to the highest bidder. It’s another way to make money from banner ads.
It is important to note that this isn’t another get-rich-scheme – You need a lot of determination, persistence, investment, and most of all patience to make money from banner ads. Don’t expect to start making money from the very beginning, because it might take some time to buy banners with potential and then sell them to the highest bidders for profits.          


There are various features of the BannerBit online advertising platform that make it a great place to buy and flip banner ads. These include:
- Doesn’t require any download or installation process.
- Compatible with almost every operating system e.g. MAC, iOS, Android, and Windows.
- Easy to use product software with convenient access at any time and from anywhere.        


There are a lot of get-rich-quick schemes on the internet, which don’t work and are scams. However, the BannerBit's advertising platform seems like a legit system, and also offers full 24/5 support.