Friday, October 12, 2018

Paris France Hôtel

We chose to stay in Paris France Hotel because it's budget friendly and very close to the metro. There's also a market around the corner and post office.
Paris France Hotel is located between "le Marais" area, the Louvre museum, the Opera and the great Department Stores, the Hotel Paris France is situated in a quiet environment, and in the touristic and business area of Paris. Housed in a building of character built in stone in 1910 during the Belle Epoque,
The interior is outdated and the lift is very small. I believe it can only accommodate 2 people. My daughter and I took the lift while my husband opted the stairs.
The stairs on the hand is very steep and narrow.
Our room was very small with three single beds. 
Our bedroom was located on the third floor facing the side of an old Catholic church. 
The toilet shower bath tub in our room was not fully covered. I wish they could have half the glass to cover the side of the tub to prevent water splashing all over the floor when showering.
One thing I noticed was their hair dryer. It's weird and does not do the job very well. It took me forever to dry my hair.
Also, you have to leave your key at reception every time you step out of the hotel and pick it up when you come back. I’ve never had that experience before.
Overall, our experience wasn't bad but OK!