Monday, December 31, 2018

Make Your Money Do More For You in 2019

It can be a pretty old fashioned way of thinking, if you think that the only way to earn money is through a job. It is a regular and stable way of earning money, for sure. But it is important to note that it isn’t the only way to do so. In fact, the money that you do earn through a traditional job, can be used in a way that it really works for you and helps to generate even more of an income. When you do it in the right way, you can really save and invest in your future, and create a solid base for your personal finances to flourish.

So if you are looking to be in better control of your finances or to earn more to clear some debt, for example, then this post is for you. Here are some tried and tested methods to making your money go further and making it do more for you.

Clear Debts
While you have debts to be working on, you are never going to be having your money do all that it can for you. So your first thing to be doing is to make a plan to clear the debt that you do have. Your money will be able to do so much more for you when you don’t have to be thinking about what you have to pay back that month.

Invest For Retirement
Being able to invest for the future is one of the best things that you can be doing with your money. There are many schemes with employers, much like a 401K, that are going to be a good thing to do and the return on them is high. Some are matched by employers too, so can be a good way to generate a good nest-egg for the future. If you are self-employed or run a business, then it isn’t as straightforward. But you could look to invest in things like the stock market or currencies and cryptocurrencies as a way to plan ahead for the future. These can all be quite lucrative when done well, and can be done from pretty much anywhere.

Automate Finances
If you want to be saving and getting money put away for the things that you need, then automating your finances is a really important step; have you automated your finances yet? It can be hard to put away money into a savings account each month when you see it sat in your current account. It looks good, right? That can be enough to put people off or to just use the money for things that they want right there and then? So automating your finances takes that element out of the equation. You don’t have to think about it so it will just happen and you won’t miss it being there, as it barely was there. If you are tempted to spend rather than save, then automating is likely to be the thing that works for you.