Monday, May 27, 2019

Current Entertainment Trends To Watch Out For

Things are always changing in the entertainment industry, which is why it’s important to stay on top of the current trends. Whether you have your eye on top social media posts or popular streaming services, being in the know can help expand your knowledge of pop culture and keep you updated on the latest news and conversations in the industry. Being constantly aware of all the changes in the entertainment world can be tough, though, and that’s why a quick refresher that covers all the hottest topics right now is all you need. Here’s a guide to the current highlights in the arts and entertainment industry to help you catch up.
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Streaming Services Taking Over Film Industry
A big change that has struck the film industry, in particular, is the rise in movies that are being produced on streaming platforms. This trend has recently impacted the home entertainment business significantly, lending additional weight to the popularity of streaming services. 2018 saw a 16% increase in the home entertainment business on a global scale, a number that is primarily the result of an increase in subscriptions to various streaming platforms. The popularity of these services has encouraged more producers to debut smaller-budget movies exclusively on streaming platforms. As the statistics demonstrate, these “original” films that are produced on popular streaming services are gaining ground among subscribers.

For those in the film industry, this trend is an important one to keep an eye on. However, streaming services still offer viewers the opportunity to enjoy box office hits by producers like David Guillod that aren’t exclusive to streaming platforms. As much as streaming “originals” are enjoying their chunk of fame, a good silver screen hit can never go out of style.

Popular Playlists Becoming More Influential
The film industry isn’t the only thing that streaming services are transforming. As music fans continue to turn to streaming platforms to listen to their favorite songs, the music world is looking more and more different every day. With this constant change has come a major shift in the way the biggest names in the industry are being represented and promoted. Take a look at any one of today’s major music streaming platforms and you’ll see a selection of playlists featuring the most popular artists of the moment, many of them likely nestled under eye-catching titles like “Top Hits.” To many listeners, these playlists are more reputable than the famed music charts that have dominated the music industry for decades. This change means that the charts are slowly losing influence while playlists are becoming an increasingly reliable indicator of the best artists to listen to.

Artificial Intelligence Transforming Apps and Social Media
Although AI is not a new trend, it is continuing to develop every day and is becoming increasingly effective. This is an important phenomenon to watch out for as it plays a central role in the development of apps and even social media. Many app developers use artificial intelligence to perform specific tasks such as voice recognition in order to enhance their applications. As more apps appear in the coming months, AI will likely be an essential part of the development of future technology.