Thursday, June 27, 2019

Introducing Rumble to Streaming Entertainment

When you think of typical forms of entertainment and human senses, sight and sound are mostly responsible for how entertainment is processed. With films such as The Wizard of Oz, observing the film change to color was revolutionary at the time and provided a new way to view movies. At a time, the sound of a film was not present long ago, and viewers had to use imagination to place themselves in those scenes.
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A lot has changed since then, and now viewers can view favorite shows in 4K with accompanying sound that can only be described as hi-fidelity. Film producers such as David Guillod have had the luxury of making content in an environment that continues to evolve. As of this writing, Netflix recently announced rumble features for certain shows when using mobile devices.

Introducing Rumble to Gaming
Nintendo and Sony are two companies that revolutionized the use of rumble when it comes to gaming. For Nintendo, they made a rumble pack for both the Gameboy Color and the Nintendo 64, which provided realistic feedback to users when they performed certain functions in games. However, Sony was the first company to include rumble functionality that was built into the actual controller for the Sony PlayStation. This invention was also accompanied by dual-analog movement, so this was undoubtedly an exciting time for gamers everywhere. With all of this said, television is generally viewed as a passive form of entertainment.

Many people are unaware of the types of brainwave frequencies people experience daily. When you watch television, the programming you receive from these shows puts your brain in what is referred to as an alpha brainwave state. While watching shows, you are relaxed and alert simultaneously. This is why advertisements work well on certain people because you become more suggestible to information in this state. If you have ever wondered why you can quote lines from old movies, but cannot remember what you had for breakfast, this is the reason.

Changing the Viewing Experience
Since Netflix is rolling out this rumble functionality as a test for mobile users, other streaming service providers will likely do the same soon. For specific genres such as horror or action, this type of additive could undoubtedly enhance the experience for users. Conversely, it could also result in broken devices due to dropping them after the device rumbles. This is an exciting concept that will undoubtedly receive more attention soon