Thursday, June 27, 2019

4 Types Wedding Catering Styles For Your Reception

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Food is one of the most important attribute of a big fat Indian wedding. An Indian wedding is incomplete without good food. At a wedding if you ask a guest how a wedding was the very first thing that they would describe is the food, they would say ‘ Khana bhoth Acha/Bekar Thaa’. A guest might forget the grandeur of your wedding but the taste of your wedding food continues to linger on their minds.
Gone are the days when the wedding catering was only reduced to the traditional seating arrangement. With changing times the wedding catering styles have also undergone through lots of transformation. Simplistic wedding reception has become a talk of the past, modern weddings are more about having an equally lavish reception with a variety of Indian and International cuisines. 
No matter wherever your getting married the change in the styles of wedding catering is sure enough to influence your wedding reception. Have you booked the top wedding caterers in Ludhiana, Pune or wherever your getting married? Are you looking for ways in which you can add oodles of charm to your wedding reception? With the variety of wedding catering styles available are you confused about which type would be the ideal choice for you? Then to help you figure out the perfect serving style for your reception we have brought a list of some of best wedding catering types. Here have a look!
1 The Classic-Sit down plated Dinner
A traditional serving style that is still hyped a an ideal serving style where the guests are seated and served dinner. In this serving style the guests are generally served a three course meal which comprises of the appetizers, the main course and is completed with the serving of the desserts. Caterers usually give choices to the guests when it comes to the main course like for veg deciding between lentil soup and gravy vegetable and for non veg deciding between chicken, mutton or evergreen fish. However in this style of serving the choice of the appetizers and desserts is usually restored to one or two variants. Since the choices are reduced to fewer items this style of wedding catering cuts the cost of the wedding catering to just half.
2. Buffet Style
A revolutionized wedding concept that has gained much popularity over time. Usually at buffet dinners there are servers behind the counters serving appropriate portions of food on a guest’s plate. Although at modern Indian weddings buffet dinners are more of self service types where guests can place their desired food on their places. Buffet style serving is a cost effective way of serving the guests with a wide variety of food selection but the style although looks elegant yet the con is that it requires a different setup.
3. Food Stations
Food stations are a great way of incorporating theme in wedding food. Unlike the buffet system the food stations breaks the stereotyped way of serving the food according to the categories. Food stations give the guests the ability to explore the reception area and search for their desired food. Creative food stations serve as a visual treat for the guests. The food station serving style has a con that it requires ample amount of space.
4.  Intimate Family Style Dinner
Similar to the traditional sit down dinners, intimate serving are best suited for those destination wedding. Intimate style dinners add a touch of personalization to the wedding. Large sized portions are placed in the serving bowl from where the guests can help themselves. The pro aspect of such style is that guests can help themselves to as much food as they want but the con is that this style so serving comes with a heavy price tag.
So which serving style are you opting for at your wedding? Tell us about your choice in the comments below.


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