Monday, July 1, 2019

3 Ways To Max The Potential Of Your Blog Shop

If you are running a blog you might want to consider the possibility of setting up a blog shop. With a blog shop, you can start selling products or even merch through your store to earn an extra income. This could be wholesale items that you can buy in bulk, perhaps customise and then sell for an honest product. Alternatively, you could be making new items from scratch. Or, perhaps you might be at the point where people want to represent your brand. This is an exciting milestone and the perfect opportunity to set up an online shop. Of course, to do this, you need to make sure that you are maximising the potential here. Let’s look at some of the best options to help you. 

Choose The Right Platform 
The first step is to make sure you choose the ecommerce platform that works for you. You might have only heard of Shopify, but there are quite a few others to consider including BigCommerce and 3DCart. Each one has its own weaknesses and benefits. How well it will suit you will often depend on your budget as well as what you are selling. If you are not sure where to start, Shopify is a good place. That’s because this particular platform is completely scalable. It can therefore easily grow as your needs develop and this doesn’t always mean paying more. 

KISS For The Customer
You need to make sure that you are keeping things as simple as possible for your customers. This does mean short marketing funnel. The longer a marketing funnel is, the easier it will be for a customer to get lost along the way to a sale. This could lead to a high click-through rate but a low conversion and you don’t want that. Luckily, it’s an easy fix. You need to make sure that the pages load fast and that a customer is never more than three clicks from what they want. This is all about setting up the right structure. If you are not sure how to achieve this, speak to a web designer. 

Automate Marketing 
You need to make sure that customers are finding your site. But, you probably don’t want to spend a significant amount of time on this. That’s where automated marketing comes in handy. Here, the job is completed for you. You can deliver smart Adwords results automatically with the latest software and solutions on the market. This frees up your time and delivers the PPC marketing you want. Don’t forget, one of the most powerful tools in the marketing arsenal today is content. You can use the content in your shop to promote products. This should be published on an automated schedule to guarantee it’s a constant in your campaign. 

We hope this provides you with the tips you need to get your blog shop off to a great start. This is a fantastic way to expand what is essentially a small business and bring in a higher income. As well as this, it can help you grow your brand and lead to even more benefits in the future.