Thursday, July 4, 2019

4 Ways to Switch Up Your Wig for Summer

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Summer is an exciting season because girls can wear all kinds of skirts and shorts they like and show some skin, but I am worried that I need to change a new wig this summer. I know I am not the only one, if you are a wig fan. As we all know we wear some style wigs in winter and wear other style wigs in summer. But this also costs us much money. Now the great thing is that you don't have to spend a lot of money to buy all kinds of hairstyles to make you look very fashionable all summer. Today I will share 4 ways to switch up your wigs style.

Short Hair Cut
It seems that short hair more suitable for summer. Sometimes girls will cut their long wigs directly. Usually, I would recommend before you cut your hair with scissor, you might want to watch some videos about haircut on Youtube, lots of youtubers posted a video about how to cut human hair wigs. They are very helpful for you to have your ideal short hair wigs.

When I cut my hair for the first time, I made it terrible. I cut too short so that finally got a salon and find a professional hairstylist to repair it for me. I always remember because before I gone to hair salon I had an ugly hairstyle and it cost me some extra money. So this time I must tell you to see more the video about hair cutting.

Then don't cut too short and you can cut your hair a little longer than you want so that you can fix your hair later. It is better that have longer hair than too shorter hair, because your wig can't go back if you cut too short that you don't link the length.
It should be noted that shorter hair for summer because summer is too hot. Don't let your wig stick to your hair because of sweat. It's bad too. You should pay attention to it in advance.

Custom Dye Hair
Summer is a vibrant season. During this time you can try all kinds of crazy color like red hair, pink hair or purple hair, also have Beyonce blonde this color is more popular in summer. Most lady love Beyonce blonde color not only they love Beyonce but also you can use this color dye to another color that you want.

If you are a beginner I would recommend to dye ombre color like natural black with blonde color, natural black color with brown color or natural black color with the red color. This process is very simple, you just need to spend hair dye on your wigs, not spreading whole wigs, the front doesn't need to dye, when you finished, put this wig 20 -30 minutes, then washing it and drying it.

Make Curly Wigs
Curly human hair wigs also a good choice for summer, have a curly wig also a happy thing. Yeah everybody wants to have this beautiful ocean wave, deep curly wigs. It is crazy, they have many ways to have these waves and curly hair. The most common method is Hair Stick, You can use all kinds of curling sticks to make your favorite curly. For wavy hair wigs, you can braid your wigs firstly then use the iron to ironing this braid you can get ocean wave hair, very easy and convenient. There are many ways to make curly, depending on what wig you use.

The thing I need to remind you is when you reheat the curly or wave of your wig, don't forget to use conditioner on your wig to protect it.

Braid your Wig
Hot summer sometimes makes us sweat, girls will worry about our lace wigs sticking together. I have a good way can avoid this embarrassment - braid your hair. You can braid your wig into all kinds of braids you like Bohemian style add a piece flower this will look very charming.