Thursday, July 4, 2019

Ways to Make Your Hair Look Thick

Guest Post

We'd all like our hair to be straighter, lighter thicker, curlier, shorter or whatever our friends' hair is that ours isn't. The wonderful thing about hair is that you can manipulate it into anything you want.
Fine hair certainly has its advantages, especially for those with sleek and straight hairstyles, but it can also look lifeless at times. If you have thin hair, you may think it's virtually impossible to achieve full volume, but these seven tips will help you make your thin hair look thicker in no time.

A great blow dry at the salon can give your hair volume for days and keep your roots lifted until the next time you wash your hair. However, not everyone can afford to visit a salon for a blow dry every week, so picking up some easy tricks means that you can create the same results at home. The best way to create volume is a round brush; using a round brush will make it easy to lift the root and create that big finish. While your blow drying your hair, create a curve from your scalp by pulling the hair in the opposite direction to the way it naturally falls.

Grab a comb and tease the crown of your hair extensions before you pull it back into a ponytail to create height. Try not to work in an up and down motion because this can cause damage to your hair, so only push the hair towards your scalp. Once you're done teasing your hair, spritz with some hairspray at the roots and smooth over the top to hide the backcombing.
Spraying shampoo directly onto your roots can give you a big lift and texturise the hair to hold it in place. You can also spray dry shampoo through the lengths of your hair while it's wet to create more volume as you're styling.

There are several shading and colouring techniques that can add volume to hairstyles, including streaks of ombre or colour. Your hairstylist can advise you on what would work best for your hair.

Well, obviously! But an important one to mention anyway. Here at Jadore Hair Supplies, we have an extensive range of premium 100% Remy hair extensions. If you want to try a different colour, our hair extensions can duplicate the look of highlights. We also have ombre extension sets which can add an extra dimension to your hair, making it look thicker.

Many people with thin hair opt for short hairstyles. Regular trims can help keep the hair look fuller. Short hairdos like a blunt bob will give the illusion of thicker hair. Ask your hairdresser for a haircut that will confine layers around your face and keep the hair in the back to one length for maximising volume.

Its good to go for hairstyles that will work with you when trying to create volume rather than against you. Braids are great for adding volume to styles. Tip: Twist a braid in a ponytail or around a bun to create additional texture to make your hair look thicker.

Your thick hair goals don't have to be a far-fetched dream anymore. Consult with a trusted hair extensionist to find the best technique for your hair. Mink hair vendors are leaders in providing high-quality natural hair extensions, with same day dispatch and express delivery.