Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Dealing With Those Home Invading Summer Bugs!

Summer is here. There’s blue skies and cool breezes, and plenty of sunshine bearing down on our heads and shoulders. We cover ourselves in sunblock, and we wear hats and light clothing, to make sure we’re cool and collected during the summer time. We want to have fun, and we don’t want to be overly warm and sweaty during it! 

But the same goes for the bugs we share the world with. Bugs like to move inside our homes during the warm periods of the year, as it’s these months and their accompanying weather that brings them out of hiding. Bugs like to be warm and humid, and it’s why rainforest countries have a lot of bug bites to deal with! 

Insects are everywhere, and there’s a lot of conditions they like when the blue skies and endless sunshine comes around. Most of these conditions are inside your home, so let’s go through a couple of ways to deal with them when they invade. 

Cover Up Your Windows
Mosquito and bug nets are cheap and accessible for most of us, so make sure you spend a few dollars here and there to cover your windows up with them. They keep the bugs out, and trap them in the lining if they try to get any further through your window. Most nets come with their own adhesive, and can be easily cut and modified to fit each one of your windows. 

Keep Food Tucked Away
Having food out on the sides of the kitchen,especially if it’s of a meat variety, is a surefire way to attract bugs into your house. Flies love to lay their eggs on cooked and raw meat alike, and there’s a good chance you’ll be dealing with a few maggots here and there if you forget to put your produce back in the fridge! So make it a rule to never keep anything edible uncovered during the summer months, and whilst you have your windows seemingly permanently open. 

Get a Professional In
After all, a lot of bugs can make their homes within our homes during the summertime, and a lot of us have to deal with infestations. But how do you know you’ve got an infestation? They’re often out of the way, like inside the walls or in the attic, or they’re quite scary to try and face on your own! 

Well, you can get the pest control in, to survey your home and carry out some extermination services if need be.  They’ll be in and out in a day, and take care of the wasps nest or the spider eggs that have made a home upstairs - it’s definitely not comfortable sharing your house with these insects, so it’s a good idea to bring in the big guns! 

So, if you are worried about the amount of bugs that are going to invade your home during this month (and the sunniest ones still to come), make sure you put tips like these into practice!