Thursday, September 12, 2019

Discounts And Earnings That Add Up

There are two types of people in the world, those that save and those that don’t. There’s no right or wrong way to go about life, especially when most of your time is spent looking after the family, working, cooking and cleaning! However having a little more money to spend on the little luxuries can never be a bad thing, so knowing some ways in which to earn some extra cash, and also make sure you’re not overspending on the day to day things is going to benefit everyone. 

Signup gifts/ Discounts
When you visit or sign up to a new service or app, that is linked to a business you will usually find there are incentives, in the way of gift or discounts. Many places actually have incentives, such as fast food outlets which generally offer something along the lines of free fries when you sign up for an app. Also, restaurants will often offer a 10 to 20% discount if you sign up for their apps or email lists. Often companies will give you seasonal or birthday discounts to, for example, a free dessert on your birthday, or a Christmas discount. You may receive more emails, or letters about these discounts then you might like; however, you can take or leave what you like and use it to your advantage.

Bulk buy
Sometimes bulk buy prices can work out to be significantly less and will save you money on your monthly shop. The only problem with this is having the space to put all of your extra items away. But if you have a little extra cupboard space available, and don’t mind carrying extra bags from the car, then you could find yourself saving a significant amount on your shopping. This also saves you time and petrol costs, since you will only be visiting the store once or twice as opposed to every few days/ weekly. And time is money after all.

Online Stores
Always keep an eye open for new customer discounts on websites that you’re chopping on. Sometimes you need to put items in the basket or leave the side to receive either an email or a code on your screen. To always keep a proper lookout to make sure you aren’t missing any discounts or codes before you commit to buy. Many websites such as Amazon, for example, have flash sales as well, if you’re already on a mailing list, you should receive a notification about these, but occasionally you will see a flash sale appear while you’re browsing. If you’re careful about it, you could save yourself a fair amount by shopping online. This, in general, works out cheaper than visiting the store. An alternative way of saving money when searching for items online is via comparison websites and price matching. There are sites specifically designed to help you find the right discounts for your purchases, and sites like Raise ( that collate coupons and codes for some of the most well-known retailers, so you don't have to check lots of individual sites to find the deals. Isn’t modern technology great?!

Cashback sites
There are many different cashback sites, and each one of these has different conditions, and various companies and shops that they work with. However, getting cashback purely for doing your usual weekly shop is an easy and straightforward way of earning a little bit of money back each week. It doesn’t cost you anything, just a tiny bit of time to set everything up. Recently there are even some new sites that we knew your shopping back together. There is obviously more risk involved with this method; however, mostly they all give you some of your money back for spending money you would typically anyway. It is also possible to earn money via cashback credit cards or bank accounts. So don’t forget to have a look into those options too. Just make sure you pay off the balance at the end of every month if you do take a credit card if you end up paying interest it defeats the object.

If you have some spare time while watching TV, or while the children are in school. You might want to look into the different types of survey panels that are available online. A lot of these offer a small fee for each survey that you complete. But if you’re going just to spend time sitting in front of the TV anyway, you might as well earn some money as you go. It all adds up, and eventually, you may even have enough to put towards Christmas. 

Affiliate links
If you recommend something to a friend, or if you have a platform, either a blog or a website or even a social media account. You may be able to earn money through affiliate links. Affiliate links are easy to set up, and all you need to do is refer some friends to an item you would usually recommend anyway, and wait for the money to come back to you if somebody buys. Of course you must let your friends or audience knows that these are affiliate links; however, it’s quite an easy way to get a little bit of cash, with a small amount of effort.

Sell unwanted items
If you look in your garage or in those cupboards where the “junk “goes then you will find something worth money to somebody. There are ways of selling your unwanted items with minimal effort these days, of course, you can do garage sales or car boot sales. But there are options such as Facebook Marketplace, Gumtree and eBay that you can list your items on for a reasonable amount of money, and sell them on. This is a win-win situation because you then end up with more space in your home and some extra cash to play with.

In the end, if you really want to raise some extra money, and you sit down and think it through, you will have resources around you that will help you earn what you need. Maybe you have a hidden talent or skill that could be monetised. Perhaps you could start a new YouTube channel and become the next YouTube sensation, but whatever you do be confident and consistent and it will usually pay off in the end.