Thursday, October 31, 2019

Preparing Your Home for a Quick Sale

Are you ready for a new place? Has work transferred you, and you're in hurry to get out from your mortgage? If so, you'll want to take extra measures to ensure you home sells as quickly as possible. This doesn't mean you have to settle for less. Instead, it means you'll need to up your game, listening to the realtor carefully and prepping the property to look as good as possible. Here are four tricks to expedite your sale.
Clean It
Have the home professionally cleaned. People look at places in different ways. Some look at the paint color; others look at the corners and door knobs. It could be in your best interest, then, to have someone scrub and rinse your location from top to bottom, making sure it's free of dusts and stray spots. This includes having carpets washed, removing stains from rugs, and sprucing up the paint job. If it's been on your to-do-list, get it done now. You want a potential homeowner to feel as if the residence has been cared for and is in solid condition. In fact, you want them thinking they have very little to do when they move in.

Landscape It
Think attractive curb appeal. You'll want something simple, easy to maintain and alluring. Repair any damaged foliage, and add color to the front. Then, hire someone to rinse the driveway and fence. The pressure washing should remove grit and dirt that tends to turn the coloring gray. Finish it up with a cheerful welcome mat and, perhaps, a wreath. Make visitors feel pleasant from the get go.

Fix It
Has something not worked right for a while? Is the air conditioner on the fritz? Have the windows fogged? Call in repairmen now. Being proactive could prevent issues with inspections, and buyers prefer not to invest in repairs right away. You may spend a bit, but it could save you time down the road. 

Stage It
Talk to people with experience in professional staging. These specialists understand the flow of a room as well as what others desire. You may love a painting or chair, but it might not work the best for the room. Invite one or two in and ask for advice. Some realtors even have some working with them, saving you some money and time. Let them provide tips on how to arrange furniture and spruce up your rooms. It could move the property faster.

Don't throw the sign up too quickly. Selling fast does not mean you can't take steps to prepare the place. Get it fixed up and looking good. Then, buyers may be eager to nab it from you.