Sunday, November 3, 2019

Getting That Festive Proposal Just Right

Christmas is always a popular time for romantic gestures, from first dates, and early “I love you’s” to proposals and weddings. There’s something about the magic of the season that brings out the romantic in even the most hardened among us. The cold brings us physically closer together, the music, lights, and decorations add beauty to otherwise mundane places, and there seems to be a great gushing of joy and love, all around us. While religion is less a part of Christmas than it has ever been before, most of us still celebrate the other core values of Christmas, mainly family and love. We’re keen to show our loved ones how much we care by spending time together and exchanging gifts, and it’s only natural that all of these lovely festive events should lead to big romantic gestures, like proposals.

But, while a festive proposal can be unimaginably romantic, it can also go wrong. It can be overwhelming, with everything else going on. There can be extra pressure when you are competing with all of the other festive events and excitement, and if you are considering a festive proposal, the very last thing that you’ll want to do is get it wrong and ruin the holidays. 

Get the Ring Right
Picking the right engagement ring can be a horrible experience. You might spend ages looking at Tacori engagement rings, trying to find the perfect one. Questioning everything that you think that you know about your partner’s taste,  worrying about how much money you should spend, and what kind of ring you should get. Hopefully, they’ll be wearing it forever, so it needs some thought. But, it shouldn’t be a stressful experience, it should be lovely. Set yourself a budget, spending no more than you can afford, gain inspiration from jewelry that they already own, as well as their fashion sense, and if you need help, ask one of their friends, or their mom to come shopping with you. 

Pick Your Date
When do you want to propose? Do you want to do it on Christmas Day? New Year’s Eve? Or an untitled but still Christmas day. Christmas nowadays seems to start in November, so there’s nothing to stop you heading to a Christmas market for a festive day, and popping the question over a romantic weekend, that’s nowhere near the big day itself. Think about your holiday plans, and ask yourself how a proposal would fit in. 

Find the Perfect Location
Your date and the location go hand in hand, and you can’t pick the date without knowing where you’ll be. Would you rather ask at home? Or over a romantic meal? If you want something simple, a romantic Christmas walk could be perfect. 

Test the Water
Proposals are rarely the complete surprise that they used to be. Most of us have talked about marriage, or at least had a conversation about the future of our relationships, long before we pop the question. You might even live together and have children before considering marriage. 

So, if you aren’t already as sure as you can be that your partner will say yes, test the water with a conversation about your future, or marriage in general. You don’t want to risk a no, on Christmas Day. 

Prepare a Speech
What are you going to say when you propose? It’s so easy to get nervous and tongue-tied when it comes down to it. You wouldn’t be the first person to completely panic and change the subject without asking. Think about what you want to say and how you want to ask. You might even want to rehearse or get some tips from friends. 

Or Go from the Heart
If you don’t generally suffer from nerves, and you plan to ask in a quiet moment alone, then you might want to avoid a script altogether, instead speaking naturally and from the heart. 

Do You want to Go Novelty?
Christmas is a fantastic time for a novelty or cute proposal, as there are plenty of opportunities. You could put the ring in an advent calendar window, or at the bottom of a stocking. Check out some novelty Christmas proposal ideas for some tips. 

Would You Like an Audience?
Christmas is a time for families, you might spend a lot more time with yours, and you might have more visitors at home. If you want to propose on Christmas Day, ask yourself if you want an audience, or if you’d prefer to do it alone? To be alone, you may need to do it early in the morning, or take your partner for an after-dinner walk. Either way, you might want to warn your family so that they can stay away for a while.