Wednesday, February 19, 2020

5 Cool Ideas to Save Space on your Patio

We don’t all have a huge garden, and subsequently, the terrace sometimes has to be on the small side, as we still would like to have a grassed area. With that in mind, here are a few cool ideas on how to maximize the outdoor living space where you rest and relax in the summer.

  1. Customized Timber Storage Cupboards – These can be made to fit the spaces on the house exterior wall, which will release some floor space, and by checking out the wide range of wholesale outdoor furniture Melbourne suppliers are offering, you’ll be able to find something that fits. You might decide to store everything in the kitchen, which is a practical solution, and don’t forget the garage or carport.
  2. Create a Floor Plan – If you do this to scale and make sure that you measure every item of furniture, you will know what fits and what doesn’t. If your patio is in the corner, you may have two walls, for added protection, or you could erect a small timber fence at the end of the patio. Take a good look at the available floor space for any furniture and if you can’t have that suite you wanted, think about a single chair and one sofa that runs against the wall, which should leave enough room for a coffee table.
  3. Add Some Natural Greenery – You might only have a few square meters of space, but a couple of small pot plants would certainly add a touch of natural color, or you could hang some plants from a trellis and that could be on the far side of the terrace. 
  4. Bench & Stools – Armchairs and sofas take up so much room, and a narrow bench might be a better idea for seating, with a couple of bar stools and a breakfast bar, which is all you need for dining. You could search online for your nearest outdoor furniture store, where they would have suites and individual items in a natural outdoor environment.
  5. Combine the Kitchen and Patio – You could leave the stools in the kitchen, which would give you more floor space and they can easily be moved. Plus, storage can be moved inside to either the kitchen or a spare room. A fold-away table, for example, could be used outside or in the kitchen. In the summer, you could make good use of the kitchen, leaving you more space outside.

While you do have to restrict your furniture with a small terrace, with a little forethought and planning, you can give yourself that little bit of extra space that makes all the difference. Browsing the Internet is always a great way to get some inspiration. When you are ready to buy your outdoor furniture, you can view some great suites from the online garden furniture company.