Friday, March 20, 2020

4 Tips to Ace Interior Design Bootcamp 101

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With so many home design, renovation and flipping TV shows on the air these days, it’s easy to get intimated. How can you ever transform your living room or dining room — let alone a whole house — as well as these experts?

Well, you may not be able to pick up decades of experience overnight. But by taking a crash course through Interior Design Bootcamp 101, you can learn a few of the foundational principles you need to pull off your own fantastic makeover.
The following tips will set you up for success no matter your taste or budget. With these easy, affordable and creative points, you can bring life to any home — whether you're an interior designer or not.

1. Showcase Yourself

A lot of people get caught up in fads. Certainly, you most likely will want to opt for a look that resembles more modern sensibilities, rather than some ’70s shag carpet revival. But don’t feel pressured to embrace something trendy just because you saw it on a TV show or read about it in a magazine. Different looks come and go, but you will hopefully be living with this design for years. Above all, your redesign should be something that reflects your style and that makes you feel at home.

2. Seek Assistance

While you don’t want to just follow along with the Joneses and adopt a look you hate, you should recognize there are certain established ways of doing things that work well. Yes, going it all alone can be rewarding. But everybody needs some help in certain areas. One great way to get a lot done fast and is by ordering various items, like sofas, tables and lamps, all from the same place. From the right source, you'll find experts who can greatly improve and speed up your search, and in many cases, providers will already have excellent living room or dining sets available at a great price.

3. Don’t Overlook Lighting

Furniture, artwork and d├ęcor will always be the headline-makers. They are the first things you notice, so it definitely makes sense. But many people overlook just how much impact lighting can have. It’s the most important thing you “don’t see” in any home. But a room can look entirely different depending upon the location, style, temperature and other elements of lighting. So, don’t ruin an otherwise beautiful design with a poor configuration.

4. Think Natural

The last factor to consider is incorporating the natural world. Plants and floral aspects are the easiest way to bring a little bit of that outdoor freshness inside, and it will really brighten up any room. Plants can also purify the oxygen you breathe, potentially helping with allergies and your overall health. There is certainly a place for stark, modern or industrial vibes, but for most families living day to day in their home, it’s key to look for ways to introduce a bit of nature.

Finishing Interior Design Bootcamp

We all find ourselves caught up in periods of stagnation from time to time. But it's key to try to break out of these cycles, and one of the best ways is to overhaul our own environment. Change is the law of life, and there really is nothing like refreshing your surroundings.
Don't let your fears or inexperience get in the way. You know what you like, and that means you're the perfect person to lead a home makeover. Just remember to start by finding a look that fits you and your family. Don't be afraid of seeking out assistance, never overlook the basics of lighting, and try to incorporate some natural elements.
If you read up a bit and find the right resources, you'll have a new look you love in no time. Even if you’re not an interior designer, you can outfit the room — or entire house — of your dreams.