Thursday, April 23, 2020

How To Clean Your Vaping Device

You are all pumped and excited about your new vaping device. You adore it and keep it close to you. You start impressing your friends with your smoke rings and clouds. Now, it has been a long while since you bought it, and it is lying dirty and a bit dysfunctional. Your vaping device can become unclean and shoddy if not looked after properly. This may be the time to clean it thoroughly. This is a simple task if carried through with proper instructions and care. This article can act as a guide to assist you in cleaning your beloved device. 

Knowing the anatomy of a vaping device

An average vaporizer has the following three components mainly: the tank, the coil, and the battery. The tank is used for storing the e-juice and is combined with the atomizer to form a single unit. The coil is used for converting the e-juice to vapor. The battery supplies power to the unit. Some cells even have modifications for temperature and voltage. 

Cleaning the vape tank

The vape tank is crucial for getting the perfect flavor. You do not want to taste the flavor you used yesterday while using a new flavor today. So rinsing the tank properly is required for getting the desired flavor. Fill a vessel with lukewarm water. Separate the tank and the mod. Throw away any leftover juice in the tank. Separate all the tank components and place them in the vessel. Then rinse them with care until all dirt has been removed. Then finally, dry all parts using a clean towel. Let them dry in the air for fifteen minutes. After that, reassemble the device.

Other than merely rinsing it, there is another method of cleaning the vape tank. It is more effective and recommended to eliminate any residue flavor. Instead of using water as a solvent to clean the tank, use flavorless vodka to decompose the leftover flavor from the device. Then use a damp cloth and scrub the parts clean. Then wipe off any spots and let it dry in the air for ten minutes. This is the deep clean method using alcohol.

Cleaning/changing the coils

Unfortunately, you cannot bring your coil back to life with any amount of cleaning that you do. They will burn out more if placed in contact with water. So, the only viable option which can be exercised is to change your coil simply. More often, heavy vapers require changing their coils regularly. You can simply search “vape store near meon Google and get a new coil from there. Replacing a coil at the right time is essential for your vaping experience. Some changes happen, which remind you that it might be time to change your coil. The coil may be too dark and look damaged. There could be a particular burnt taste when you smoke, the atomizer may start leaking, and the vapor output may have been reduced. 

The process of replacing the coil is relatively simple. First, detach the tank from the device. If there is some juice remaining, dispose of it. For unscrewing the coil from the tank, twist it. Then fetch the fresh coil and screw it in place of the older one. Then fit the tank back to the device. 

Maintaining your vape

You have now cleaned your vape and are a pro at it. Your work does not stop here. Cleaning your vape is only one aspect of being a successful owner. As you progress and experiment with your vaping device, you will become more experienced and learn more. There are some ways for you to take better care of your device.

Always maintain a minimum amount of e-liquid in your tank. Likewise, filling it too much can also lead to problems. Overfilling is not advised. Keep an optimal level of liquid in the tank. 
Also, the conditions for storing your e-juice should be favorable for it. Exposing it directly to sunlight or putting it in extreme temperatures will lead to the thinning of the liquid. It increases the chance of your vape box leaking.

Now you know perfectly well how to clean your device. Stick to these guidelines and your vaping experiences will surely be memorable.