Thursday, April 23, 2020

What Makes A Good Feature Wall

Are you looking for a natural focal point for a room? Or perhaps you simply have a lot of wall space and you want to make good use of it? A feature wall can set the scene for the whole room and stand out at the decorative centerpiece of the whole zone, but what exactly makes a good feature wall? It depends, largely, on how you want to use or mix and match the different elements below.

Paint a picture with it
A flat wall is an excellent place to play with pictures of different shapes and sizes, whether they’re of great personal importance to you, or they simply help create an aesthetic that you like. There are lots of ways to create a wall photo gallery or art gallery, whether you choose a more cluttered, cozy approach or a more spaced out, sporadic dash of visuals. Finding the images that go together first is the important bit, you can work out how they fit together after that.

Cast a light
A lot of people simply do not consider adding a lighting fixture to the wall, unless it’s a lamp to be placed beneath. That’s just fine, too, but there are plenty of wall fixtures that can help give your room the accent lighting that gives just the right amount of visibility at night without having the main lights on and help to maintain a warmer, more comfortable atmosphere at the same time.

Add a touch of greenery
There’s nothing like a little contrast to help draw some attention to a certain part of the room. If the wall in question happens to get a lot of natural light, then a little tropical decor can add some brightness, some greenery, and a bit of natural appeal to go with the more artificial surroundings. We, humans, do crave to be surrounded by nature to some degree, so why not incorporate a little inside the home, too?

Switch up the whole wall
The wall itself can be the feature. If the rest of the walls in the room are simply decorated, using paint or wallpaper, for instance, then you can make a feature wall really stand out on its own if it has more depth, more dimension, and more texture to it. Architectural wall panels can help you recreate both the look and the feel of anything from brickwork to Subway tile. As such, whether you want to go with a more modern urban look or something more industrial, you can really add some authenticity.

Give your passions a home
If you have a particular hobby or pastime that you think could use an homage, then the wall could be a perfect place to put it. This might include hanging your guitars or a bunch of record sleeves if you’re a music fan, or creating a collage of book covers, for instance.

Consider the style of the rest of the room, the balance of lighting, and how much of a contrast you’re looking for with your feature wall. The five ingredients above should help you find some satisfaction whatever you’re after.