Monday, May 18, 2020

Sprucing Up Your Exterior In Time For Summer

The sun is coming out, which means we’re all spending a lot more time outdoors. It might be the first time all year that we’ve had the time and perspective to see our garden and home exterior and we might not like what we see. As such, we’re going to look at what you should fit into your summer home maintenance schedule to keep that curb appeal shining bright.

Take care of the garden first
Before you make any changes, you should make sure that you’ve got the garden into a presentable state, first. There are plenty of guides on the net that can help you split the task of trimming and tidying the garden into smaller, more easily accomplished parts. However, you can also look at ways to make your garden more low maintenance so that it’s less work throughout the summer, too.

Open the door to change
The front door is going to attract a lot of attention when looking at the home. One of the easiest ways to make your home pop a little more is to paint your door. Use a color that accentuates and stands out against the rest of the home’s exterior. Don’t be afraid to decorate the front door with hanging plants, wind chimes, or other little accessories, either.

Wash it off
Though it might seem much more permanent, your porch, walkway, driveway, and any other stone or mineral parts of the exterior will look worse over time. Grime and dirt can settle in and, once it does, it can be very difficult to wash off. Nothing will be more effective at refreshing those surfaces like pressure washing. A good pressure wash can make them seem like new, but it’s worth looking to see if you need to reseal any of the hard surfaces after some time, too.

Light it up
Given the good weather, we’re all a lot more likely to spend more time hanging outside our home. However, you don’t want to have to head indoors as soon as it starts getting dim. To make sure it’s safe and comfortable outside for longer, as well as to frame the home with a different glow, look into the exterior lighting options available. Installing lighting in deck rails, on garden walls, or even as stand-alone fixtures in your lawn can transform how your home looks in the evening.

Don’t forget the trees and bushes
Aside from standard garden maintenance, if you have trees and bushes, you need to give them an extra dose of care. Trim away branches from trees and overgrown bushes as not only can they look unkempt, they can cause a lot of problems, too. From filling your gutters with green debris to block your windows, be sure to trim them just right to get the balance of privacy and neatness that you want.

Make sure you give yourself a home that you’re glad to spend your summer hanging around, and not one that will make yours the “ugly one” in the neighborhood. Give it the care it deserves in time for summer.