Tuesday, September 1, 2020

How To Keep Your New Dog Safe

Man's best friend comes with a lot of responsibilities. You may have envisioned the wagging tail, chew toys and wet kisses, but you may not have wished for the worry that accompanies your new member of the family. While you may be stressed about your dog's safety, there are multiple things you can do to keep your four-legged friend happy and healthy. Here are three tried and true methods to keep your dog safe. 
Install a Fence 

A busy highway or even a residential street can be a nightmare for pet owners. While letting your dog roam the yard, there is always a chance of them running off. A road poses hazards such as traffic, other dogs and debris, including glass. Even if you do not live near a road, your dog could escape into the woods or other dangerous places.

Installing a security fence Texas can alleviate those worries. A good fence will look appealing in your yard while also keeping your pet safe. Make sure that the fence is the appropriate height, is strong enough, and has the correct spacing for your dog. Contact a reputable fencing company near you to get an accurate cost estimate for your fence.

Pet-Proof Your Home 

While the outside world poses many dangers to a new dog, the inside of your house can be just as hazardous. A family may almost have to treat a dog like a young child. You can start by making sure all sharp objects a dog may try to chew on, such as scissors, cans with sharp edges and knives, are well away from any areas of reach. Electrical outlets should be covered when not in use. Stairs are also a hazard and can be blocked off until a dog is trained and trusted to use them. In addition, any food or material that may be bad for a dog's health (chocolate, cleaning supplies, medications, etc.) should be well out of reach. 

Train Your Dog 

A new dog may be similar in behavior to a wild animal at first. Training your dog ensures that he or she can adjust to home life. Attending an obedience class is a great way to teach your dog how to sit, stay and shake. Not only will your dog be learning tricks, but a class like this can also give you the tools necessary to train your dog to stay away from certain household objects and areas. This obedience will keep them out of harm in and out of your house. You could also save hundreds by avoiding torn-up shoes, furniture, and toys. 

A pet is a blessing, so the last thing you should be worrying about is their safety. Following the tips outlined here can ensure that your pup is healthy — and that you have peace of mind knowing this.