Wednesday, September 2, 2020

Why You Should Visit Faro, Portugal

 If you’re in search of the ultimate vacation -- relaxing activities, delicious food, breathtaking sights, and lovely weather -- then you have to visit Faro, Portugal. 

A Short Guide to Faro, Portugal ~ What to Do, See & Eat - Driftwood Journals

Where is Faro? 

Faro is in Eastern Algarve, which is located in Portugal’s southern region. It’s the capital city of Algarve boasting a metropolitan vibe and island beach.

As a coastal town, Faro lets you enjoy the sunshine, beaches, bars, and impeccable seafood choices. 

Now, here are the reasons you should visit Faro. 

Algarve Transport Hub

First off, if you’re traveling to Algarve in general, visiting Faro is a priority because it is the region’s transport hub. 

Faro bus and train stations are in the center of the city. Regional services that cover the entire Algarve are here, along with routes to Lisbon and northern Portugal.

None of these services passes by the airport, however. You will need to rent a car. And for that, try and their services.

Amazing Weather 

Faro enjoys sunny days for almost the entire year.

Air temperatures also remain mild, with the reading rarely slipping below 10 degrees celsius even in winter. The summer breeze, meanwhile, feels cooler thanks to the breeze from the Atlantic Ocean.

Positive Energy by People 

Faro locals are extremely friendly and positivity radiates. 

You can almost always meet new people at the beach bars and organize a group dinner. Even if you don’t know many people, knowing even only one can get you invited to events and nightclubs. 

Old Town Faro 

The sights and monuments of the old town reflect the city’s long history. You’ll easily and willingly spend a whole day delighting yourself in the old town. 

The city center is walkable and the narrow streets have plenty of cafes, restaurants, and bars. 

Impeccable Food 

Faro is also popular for the wide variety of food offerings tourists enjoy when visiting. 

Fish markets are everywhere and many restaurants serve delicious seafood on the same day they were caught. 

General Portuguese food also delights the taste buds. The cuisine is fairly simple but memorable. Have a taste of fresh ingredients, Mediterranean flavors, and fantastic food combinations. 

Castles and Cathedrals 

Portugal is rich with beautiful castle ruins, museums, and cathedrals. And Faro is no different.

Enjoy stunning cathedrals like the popular reddish Silves Castle and the Se Cathedral. Silves is a charming town that boasts many landmarks visitors can explore in one day. 

If you’re into something unique, visit the Capela dos Ossos, or the Chapel of Bones. On its walls, you can find the bones and skulls of a thousand monks buried in the graveyard. It's ghoulish, but it’s a truly unique landmark in Faro. 

Beautiful Beaches 

Although you cannot technically find any beach inside Faro, the city is surrounded by them. And most of them are within walking distance from the city center. These beaches are calm and lack the major tourist developments found in other Algarve towns. 

The Praia de Faro is one such beach, popular with Portuguese tourists. It’s an accessible spot connected by a bridge and bus service to Faro. 

Tradition and Culture 

And of course, Faro, just like the rest of Portugal, is rich with unique culture and tradition. 

Explore the country’s maritime past and influence throughout history. Find museums and fish markets that have been there since the Age of Discovery. 

Marvel at the medieval buildings and homes that still use styles perfected by the Moors many centuries ago. 

Overall, if you want to enjoy a combination of calm and relaxation and immerse in Portugal’s rich culture and history, you don’t have to go far -- just go to Faro.