Thursday, September 3, 2020

What To Expect in Season 2 of DC's Stargirl

The DC Universe series helmed by executive producer Geoff Johns, Stargirl, has recently finished its first season. Though the teen superhero show aired in the streaming service first and then on The CW a few days later, the upcoming second season will air exclusively on the network. Between a delayed production and the switch in platforms, fans might need a refresher on the potential plots that season two may explore. SPOILERS for the season one finale ahead. 

DC Universe's Stargirl series debuts first look at WonderCon - Polygon

Changed Status Quo 

The first season finale ends with several significant changes. Courtney Whitmore's mother and step-brother, Barbara and Mike Dugan, find out about her double life as Stargirl, along with her step-father being a former superhero and current pilot of the STRIPE mech. While they accept their roles, their lives are bound to get difficult. Courtney's friends also have their problems, with the vengeful Rick Tyler refusing to kill Solomon Grundy, the religious Yolanda Montez killing the villain Mindworm and Beth Chapel losing Chuck, the artificial intelligence inside Dr. Mid-Nite's goggles that she befriended. 

New Heroes and Villains

Though Courtney assembled a new version of the Justice Society of America with Pat, Yolanda, Rick and Beth, there are still more JSA items waiting for new owners. The Helmet of Fate, the Green Lantern and Johnny Thunder's pen may find other people to wield them. Sir Justin also leaves Blue Valley to reunite the remaining Seven Soldiers of Victory. Meanwhile, various members of the Injustice Society of America have children that could get revenge on their parents' behalf, such as Cameron Mahkent, Isaac Bowin and Artemis Crock. Additionally, Cindy Burman now holds the gem that houses the malevolent being Eclipso. Finally, veteran ISA member Shade decries Jordan Mahkent's failed plot as he prepares his own scheme. 

Return of Starman

Perhaps the biggest surprise of the season takes place in the final scene. In California, a mysterious stranger asks people for Pat's whereabouts. This person is quickly revealed to be Sylvester Pemberton, the original Starman, Pat's best friend and Courtney's predecessor. Everyone thought Jordan killed him and Courtney even assumed he was her biological father before she faced the harsh truth and embraced Pat as her real father. If this man is really him, his return raises several questions and can potentially complicate the lives of Courtney, Pat and the new JSA. 

The first season finale of Stargirl concludes several plotlines while setting up plenty of new stories in the future. Loyal viewers can refresh themselves on these events when the show returns to its new home on The CW.