Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Design Ideas to Help Bring Vacation Home

If you are like most, you are missing traveling. While you may not be able to go anywhere abroad anytime soon, you can create an international experience in your home. Take advantage of these design ideas to help you recreate the magic of Europe, Asia and Latin America design trends. 

Shopping pour une ambiance style maison de vacances - Frenchy Fancy

European Countryside  

Trying to plan a trip to Europe this year seems out of the question, and border openings are uncertain. You may find yourself longing for a trip to the European countryside. Rather than look at pictures online, bring the beauty of Europe home. Think of incorporating the charming bench with plush pillows to give you a rustic touch to your living room. Be sure to take advantage of natural wood colors to help create an organic atmosphere.    

East Asian Comfort  

Cities like Tokyo and Seoul evoke the image of modernity. However, these cities demand maximizing the use of small spaces. Minimalist design, mixed with innovative solutions, defines this aesthetic. Take advantage of hidden storage ideas or multi-use items to help create clean lines and a modern feel. Don't forget to try some of the latest home technology. By utilizing these tools and tricks, you can bring the comfort of Asian design to your home, without ever going outdoors.     

Latin American Colors  

Latin America is quickly becoming a force in the design world. Bright colors mixed with brilliant patterns help to breathe new life into any room. To help you create the feel of your vacation, be sure to utilize plants or earthy tones to bring nature to your design. If you are short of ideas, take the time to follow some of Latin America’s hottest designers to see how to incorporate the latest trends with a unique twist.   

No matter where in the world your design takes you, you’re going to love your new international home.