Thursday, October 29, 2020

Moving House? How To Execute A Stress-Free Relocation

 If you’re counting down the days until you move house, you may be experiencing a mixture of emotions. Moving can be exciting, but it can also be daunting. If a move is on the cards, here are some top tips to help you execute a stress-free relocation. 

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Give yourself time

Unless you move unexpectedly, and you need to pack all your things in a mad dash, it’s beneficial to give yourself as much time as possible to prepare for the move. Once you have a date, you can start packing, putting items in boxes that you’re not going to use before you leave your home. Write a list of all the jobs you need to do before you move, and work your way through it. If you leave everything until the last minute, moving will be very stressful and you might not have time to cross everything off your to-do list. 

Choose a reliable, reputable removal firm

When you move house, the last thing you want to worry about is whether your possessions will be safe or a removal truck will turn up on time. You can eliminate these concerns by researching removal firms and using a website like Moving Feedback to find reliable, trustworthy removal companies in your local area. It’s also a good idea to ask friends, colleagues or neighbors who have recently moved for recommendations. Read reviews and testimonials and try and focus on value for money, rather than the lowest price. 

Adopt a packing strategy

Packing an entire house full of belongings is a challenge, even for the most organized people. Before you start filling boxes, draw up a plan of action. Move through the house methodically, tackling each room and using clear labels to mark which room the box will be going into in your new home. Marking boxes is a brilliant way to make unpacking easier and save time and effort. 

Take advantage of the opportunity to have a clear-out

Moving house offers an ideal opportunity to get rid of anything you no longer need or want. There is no point in packing boxes full of stuff you don’t want to take with you. When you’re going through each room ready to pack up your belongings for the move, set aside anything you don’t want. You can then decide whether to sell, donate or throw items away. 

Pack a bag of essentials

When you’ve climbed four hundred flights of stairs and spent hours on your feet lifting and carrying boxes, the last thing you want is to waste another hour trying to locate your pajamas or a mug for a cup of tea or hot chocolate. Packing a bag of essentials will help you settle in on your first night. In an overnight bag, pack a pair of pajamas for each family member, some clean underwear, toiletries and towels. Pack some mugs, a jar of coffee, tea bags, bowls for breakfast in the morning and cutlery in a box to take with you in the car. 

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Moving house can be incredibly exciting, but many of us dread packing, lifting and unpacking. If you’re preparing to relocate, hopefully, these tips will come in handy.