Tuesday, December 29, 2020

4 Ways To Improve Your Health in 2021

Image by Susanne Jutzeler, suju-foto from Pixabay 

With a very tough year almost behind us and many people thinking of their New Year's Resolutions and how to be healthier after overindulging at Christmas, 2021 might be a little different when it comes to improving your health. In the past, January would see offers on gym memberships and hoards of people getting their sweat on for the first month at least. However, with Coronavirus still very much present and many gyms being closed, things look set to be different. Not only this, but many people have different priorities and now instead of how much they weigh or what they look like, many people are more concerned about their stress levels, their safety, and their bank balance. So, how can you improve your health in 2021?

Reduce Stress

As mentioned, stress is a huge factor for people right now because we’re living through a pandemic. Who knows if children will go back to school after the Christmas break, or it might be that you’re stressed about a parent who is living in a care home and you can’t see them. With all the different scenarios people are facing right now, there is no one way to fix everything, but there is something people can do to look after themselves and that is to practice things like mindfulness, meditation, or yoga. Even just taking ten minutes out of your day to do this will help you feel less stressed and able to deal with whatever 2021 throws at you. 


It’s vital to allow yourself to recover. Whether it’s from an accident or injury or it’s from a stressful time, don’t expect to just spring back to how you were before. Allowing yourself time to recover doesn’t just mean lying in bed and resting either, but it means dealing with things that have gone on. So for example, if you did suffer from an accident and need to speak to a local injury lawyer, then you must have time to do this. Equally, if you have lost a loved one, lost a job, have suffered mentally because of COVID-19 then you need to allow yourself time to recover, to grieve, to deal with what you have been through otherwise your health will suffer. In terms of resting up physically, ensure you're dealing with your pain in the right way. Nowadays, natural remedies such as Kratom are available to buy in store, which makes it easier to treat pain from home in a natural way! 


Sometimes we take sleep for granted and forget how important it is. Having enough sleep and adequate sleep can help with so many health problems and it is something that should be prioritized. If you’re struggling with sleep then try using sleep apps to help you to wind down in the evening and to relax you. Try taking hot baths in the evening, use lavender oils or try herbal sleeping tablets to help you to drift off. 

Give Up Smoking

In 2021, we all know the dangers and the risks of smoking, so there is no excuse. If you care about your health then this is the first thing you must cut. It will help with so many things and it won’t be long before you find you are breathing easier, running quicker, and feel like you have more energy.