Monday, December 28, 2020

How Having Your House Washed Increases Curb Appeal

 What Is A House Wash? 

A house wash is one of the most affordable services you can have done for your home to increase curb appeal, this is done by cleaning the exterior of the house using special chemicals that loosen up hardened dirt and grime, If your selling your home, a house wash is one of the first services you should look into to increase the sale price of your property. You can think of a house wash being similar to a car wash, but at a larger scale.

How Much Does A House Wash Cost?

House washing companies usually charge between $300 to $1000 for a regular house wash. This includes the washing of the whole exterior of the house, including siding, soffits, exterior gutters and window frames. Most companies who offer house washing also offer roof washing and window washing. If you are selling your home, these services can also increase the value of your home by many multiples of the cost of the service itself.

How Do I Choose The Right House Washing Company?

Make sure that if you are going to hire a company to perform a house wash, that you check that the company has WCB, Liability insurance, as well as a high rating on google, yelp and other review websites. In most cases, the higher quality companies often charge higher prices, however it is well worth it because inexperienced companies often use high pressure, which can cause huge damage to your property and your home.