Thursday, December 31, 2020

Make 2021 Your Home's Eco-Friendly Year

If there is one thing that you should be into right now, it's going green. It's not just a trend, but a matter of survival for the planet. It sounds dramatic, but it's an unfortunate reality for the world that we're in, that there is a bigger demand for the environmentally conscious to educate others so we can all do our best for the world around us. If your home is eco-friendly, the carbon footprint will be much reduced, and you can save money on the costs of energy at the same time.

We need to be more concerned about making our world as easy to live in as possible, and the good news is that you can make 2021 the year that green is the color of your home. So, with this in mind, we've put together some of the best ways that you can get your home as eco-friendly as possible.

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  • Remodel With Reclaimed Wood. You may have seen bed upgrades with pallets from old deliveries and stores, but did you know that you can repurpose certain woods for countertops for the kitchen? Reclaimed wood means less forest trees cut down, and you can reduce air pollution at the same time. New homes often have reclaimed wood used in them and they're an excellent design choice. You can think about materials when you redo your windows and doors, too, with wood vs vinyl windows being a long battle! So, start looking at the types of materials you can recycle and go from there within your home.

  • Recycle It All! We've just discussed repurposed wood, and it's not just wood you should consider for your new green outlook. Repurposing stones and gravel for the stones in the front yard is a great idea to get rid of leftover material. You can head to thrift shops for new furniture and new pieces for the house, swapping out your artwork and antiques as the trends change. There is nothing wrong with the things that are preloved, so make sure that you look for furniture that wears well.

  • Look At The Garage. Your garage is an extension of the house and it's often a cold place to be. It's less insulated than the rest of the house as usually this is where the car lives, not everything else! Garage doors are one area of the house that are left out of the green talk as it's there to cover the car and keep your car from theft. You shouldn't leave yours out! You could think about creating a home that is energy efficient, and that means that you should replace your garage door and keep the house secure. You can grab a garage door that's made with repurposed materials, but make sure that whichever material you choose, it'll keep the heat in and the cold air out.

  • Bigger Windows. A key way to bring more heat into your home is with bigger windows. As the sun beats down on the glass, the rooms of the home naturally warm up. Once the sun goes down, dropping the curtains and blinds will keep the heat inside the house. You will have less of a need to pay for fossil fuels for energy when you need to warm up. The larger the windows, the more heat they will absorb and trap in the house.

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  • How's The Air Flow? You want to prevent the cooling and heating energy from escaping from the house. The best way to do that is to start managing the airflow in the home. From the sealant around windows and doors being replaced and renewed, to the caulking that you do around the sinks and baths to stop air leaking. Airflow needs to be managed correctly if you want the heat to stay in and the cold air to stay out. Thoroughly inspecting your home for any signs of leaks is vital for your home to remain a good temperature.

  • Look To The Yard. While you are ensuring that your home is eco-friendly, don't forget to go outside. The time you spend on your gardens and lawns won't be friendly to the environment if you are using huge amounts of machinery and energy as a result. In some cases, you could be using far too much water on your lawn, which isn't the best way to be eco-friendly! The pesticides that you use are equally as important while trying to be more eco-friendly, so plant your yard with native flowers for the season, and use as little water as possible at the same time.

  • Save The Rain. Rainwater butts are a vital piece of the eco-friendly puzzle. If you want your yard to be fed but you don't want to use too much water, start saving rainwater instead. You can then use the exact amount of water you need to water your lawns and your flowers, and rainwater barrels are not expensive pieces of equipment at all, so you'll make a saving there, too! Make sure that you choose a water butt with a lid on top, though, as standing water is a magnet for bugs and mosquitoes. You need to keep it covered when it's not being used so that you don't have to worry about a health hazard.

  • Going Solar. Harnessing the power of the sun to power your home is not new, but it's new for you and it's a way to watch your home go greener. You can install solar hot water heaters to make your home greener, but you can also add solar roof panels and watch how much money you save. When you only have to use power in the evenings, you only pay for that power. So, you can do dishes and wash clothes all you like and it'll cost you much less than you think!

Go green in 2021, and you will change the way that you live. You'll do better for the world, for your home, and you'll do more for the world, too!