Thursday, December 31, 2020

How To Afford More Family Adventures Away This Year

 Family Vacations can fix a myriad of family problems. Whether you feel your family distancing from one another, they're stressed or over-worked, a holiday away can restore a sense of calm, connection, and happiness. 

Photo by fotografieren from Pexels - CC0 Licence

For these reasons and more, finding the money to take more vacations this year is essential. So, here are a few suggestions to make family adventures more affordable in 2021.

Staycations Over Holidays Abroad

While you may have had some amazing, albeit expensive holidays abroad. There are so many cheaper places you can explore on your doorstep too. 

From beaches to new cities factoring in staycations this year will allow you to stretch your holiday budget further so that you and your family can go on vacation a lot more. 

Make A Budget 

Creating a budget is essential when trying to work out how much you have for holidays this year.

Calculate and create a sheet on excel or google spreadsheets detailing 2021s' income and outgoings.

Some months may be more expensive than others. With a realistic view of your budget the year ahead, it'll be easier to calculate whether you can afford more adventures. 

If your income is struggling to stretch over your outgoings, it's time to look at alternative ways to bump up your income. For instance, see if you've overpaid tax and are due a refund. Or perhaps you're eligible for benefits from the government. 

For instance, if you have a disability, you qualify for disability benefits from the government. If you've submitted a claim already which has been rejected, use San Diego Disability Law Group to help you apply again. You may have missed out on adding something important to your application, which could have caused its rejection.

Side Hustle For Holiday Fund

You may want to consider creating an extra income stream to use exclusively for travelling away.

Jobs you could consider adopting around your primary role include working as a delivery driver, Instagram influencer, or virtual assistant online. 

Travel Slowly

The fastest travel solution to a particular destination can sometimes also be the most expensive. For this reason, it may help to look at alternative travel solutions to get to your holiday resort. 

In doing so, you can save money on extortionate airfares by, for example, taking the train and a bus. Traveling slowly can sometimes be more cost-effective. It's worth considering because it helps you spread your vacation funds further so that you can afford more adventures away. 

Buy And Own Less To Travel More

We accumulate a myriad of stuff over time. Some of us are guilty of buying more food, clothes, gadgets, and so forth than we need. Overall, it can total to a lot of wasted money that could have been used for more family trips away.

Whether you cancel out your daily morning Starbucks or decide to sell your vehicle and cycle to work instead, each sacrifice will help you save more for holidays.

If having more holidays this year is one of your dreams, the above solutions will hopefully remove any troubles you're having with affording it.