Tuesday, December 29, 2020

3 Reasons Why Flying Via Private Jet is Safer Than Flying Commercial

Chartering a private jet is considered a safer way to fly for reasons in the air and due to the avoidance of busy airport crowds. It is the way that the famous are flying to improve all aspects of their safety. It is the preferred method for anybody likely to be recognised in public, for whatever reason. 

Companies such as Jettly are leading the way as far as making this an easier option for all. They have websites which allow for quotation estimates to be quickly and easily obtained, and then follow up with services that provide luxury and flexibility in terms of the flying times that can be arranged. When flying, safety is also an important factor to consider, so this article will explore 3 reasons why chartering a private jet can be safer than flying with a commercial airline. 

Altitude Safety

Private jets have the advantage of being able to change at ease their trajectory at times of bad weather. This allows them to avoid turbulent weather and improve safety. Apart from increasing safety, this will also reduce flying times, and explains the reason why so many flights at commercial airports do not take off on time. In addition, at the higher altitude private jets can fly at, there will be less traffic. This cuts down the chance of any kind of delay or collision, just as it would in relation to a car on a busy road. 

Private Terminals and Planes

Because a private jet is boarded via a private terminal and drive-up access point it means that its passengers avoid waiting in busy airport lounges for their plane. The ground crew will have your plane ready for you upon arrival, and will have all of the necessary equipment to get your plane to the runway within minutes of boarding. Equipment like this ground power unit for sale is often also used to get your plane ready for you, meaning you won't have to wait around whilst the plane is cleaned or re-fuelled after its previous flight. This is particularly useful for a celebrity wanting to get somewhere quickly whilst avoiding crowds. It may be unsafe to be mobbed by a crowd of unpredictable fans. Avoiding the main queue also helps with agoraphobia, too. That is, a fear of open spaces and not being able to escape them. This is then better for a person’s mental state and health. It reduces anxiety levels.

With a private jet, you will know everybody on the plane because you have booked it yourself. This is a safer way to fly for someone in the public eye. It cannot be a good idea to share an aircraft with fans that are not really known. Fans that may be into the music that the star performs, or the film that they have starred in, but still pose a potential danger to welfare and security. Take for example, Elvis Presley, who would clench his fist when greeting fans, so not to end up losing any of his diamond encrusted rings. Having said that, he did give some of them away. In addition, celebrities who have literally had the clothes ripped from their body, so that their fans can have a piece of them. It does not bear thinking about and can all be avoided with private jet flight.

DVT with Longer Flights

Sitting for long periods of time on a commercial aircraft, where the seats are cramped, has the potential to slow down your blood circulation, which in turn can increase your risk of DVT. That is, a deep vein thrombosis. The risk of this is improved by using private jets which are more spacious and allow more freedom of movement than when flying on a commercial airliner where there are lots of people accommodated into a relatively small space.

There is a useful article that you might light to read about preventing DVT while flying. Many of us need to fly because of its speed and convenience and so need to look at ways to avoid such things. It does, however, only apply to long flights.

Also, continuing to think about health, it is much healthier not to be among a crowd of people as this increases the risk of catching something that they might have. How often have you come back from holiday and soon developed a cold? This is because of the air that is being re-circulated inside the plane’s cabin. The air that lots of people are sharing. With a private jet there will be less passengers all breathing the same air. It is certainly something worth considering with pandemics a continued threat.

So, to stay safe and healthy, you might want to consider chartering a private jet in preference to booking yourself on a regular flight.