Monday, February 8, 2021

Things You Should Consider Before Getting A Dog

Getting a dog is a big move. It’s not like purchasing a kitchen appliance or getting a renovation on your home. A dog is an additional member of the household and they do become part of the family. That means that as far as dogs are concerned, they rely on you for everything. They need you to walk them, feed them and teach them the commands needed to be a well-behaved dog when out and about. With that being said, here are some things you should consider before getting a dog.

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Remember That Dogs Are For Life

The first thing that you need to remember is that dogs are for life. The average dog may live 12-14 years, if not more and that can be a significant chunk of your life. It’s important that when you’re considering a dog, you are choosing the right time in your life to have one. There are various factors that might come into play when it comes to your decision. It may be that you need to think about work and whether or not you’d be able to take the time off, bring in the dog to your workplace or organize dog sitters or walkers to take them out during the day. You want to think about whether or not you have any family, including children as some breeds may get jealous or not be well-suited for children in households.

It’s important to weigh up all your options, your pros, and cons for getting a dog so that you know you’re making the right decision.

Do Your Research On Breeds

Next, you want to think about breeds. There are so many different ones out there that it can be hard to take your pick. You might have one or two that you’ve loved for so long but it’s not until you do your research on them, that you learn more about whether or not they are best suited for you and your needs. Think about the breed you want and do extensive research. You might want to get a puppy and raise it from a young age or you may prefer to skip all the puppy stages by getting a dog that’s a little bit older or even mature.

Research is important because it’s going to help you understand the type of dog you’re looking for and wanting to get. From its health conditions that it may have to its typical behavior and attitude. Try to pick a breed that’s going to align with what you need and what best matches you as the owner. Even if you’ve fallen in love with one breed, it might not be the right one for you upon further research. 

You also want to consider breeders if you’re getting a puppy as there are plenty of good ones out there, but there are also ones that you want to stay away from. A good start would be to look at places like

Can You Afford A Dog?

Money is something that can be really helpful to have when times are tough. And a dog is an expense at the end of the day. Just like any household member, they need feeding, they need insurance, visits to the vet, and all the various other bits that provide them with a happy and content life. If you can’t afford a dog, then there’s no point in putting yourself through the heartache where you might have to give the dog up for adoption.

It’s good to tally up all the costs that come with having a dog and making sure you can afford the monthly expense and any upfront costs, to begin with. It’s just like having a baby or child in that there’s going to be a long list of things they’ll need. Can you afford that right now? It might be something that has to wait until you’re in a better financial position. 

Your Lifestyle May Change

It’s important to remember that your lifestyle may change when you get a dog and so it’s good to question whether or not you’re ready for that. When you get a dog, going away might not be so easy and it’s not as simple as leaving the dog at home to fend for itself. If you’re going away on holiday, you may need to consider taking them to the kennels or giving them to family or friends that can look after them for a brief period.

There’s a lot that changes and for the most part, it’s for the better. Getting a dog can provide a lot of memories and happy times, but it’s good to think about whether or not your lifestyle can change right now. Things like work lifestyles and your social life might have to change and so it’s good to consider what you can do and what you might not be able to do when it comes to having a dog.

Again, think about this in-depth before you make this life-changing decision.

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Lots Of Exercising Is Needed

Exercise is important and it’s something that all dogs need. Every dog is a little different so what one dog needs, another dog might need even more of. Walking is something you’ll do daily. You might take the dog out for a walk in the morning or in the early evening. It might be that you take them for two walks. The timings of these walks might differ to and this is all something you want to factor in when picking a breed.

Are you ready for the extra exercise that will come with walking your dog? Keeping your dog active is going to help them be happier in themselves and it’s also going to keep them healthy. If they’re not being walked enough, they may get overweight and that might also cause health problems in the long-term.

The Dog May Need To Be Child-Friendly

As mentioned above, breeds are going to differ from one to the other. You may want to consider the breed in relation to your type of household. You may be in a household that’s full of students or you’re in a property with just your partner. It could be that you have plans for children or that you don’t plan to have children in your lifetime. Whatever your choices, if you have children or want to have children, you need to pick a breed that’s going to be child-friendly.

A lot of dogs are going to be good with children but there are going to be some, where you might be recommended to look at different breeds. The last thing you want to do is to have to choose between your dog and having children or simply having to get rid of the dog because they’re a danger to your children.

Pet-Proofing Your Home

And finally, pet-proofing your home. It’s something that’s necessary to keep your home protected but also the dog safe. Regardless of the dog’s age, they’re going to be roaming your home for the first time and so everything is up for sniffing, chewing, and potentially eating. It’s important that you dog-proof the home. Remove any cables that they might be tempted to chew and keep the floor clear of anything that they might try and eat. It’s helpful to get on all fours to see the world from their level. That will give you an idea of what they will see and won’t see so that you can remove and move anything that’s in their eyesight.

Use these tips to make sure you have made all the right decisions and choices before getting a dog!