Thursday, September 23, 2021

5 Must-Haves for Your Baby Shower Registry

Image: Unsplash/Andrea Bertozzini

Planning your baby registry? Deciding what you will need before your baby has been born can be a challenge. Fortunately, so many women have gone through this before, and utilizing advice makes it simpler. To get you started, here are five items other mothers have recommended to add to a baby registry: 

1. Feeding Equipment: Bottles, Pumps, and Accessories

Aside from the best baby bottle sterilizer, you can find so many other great innovations for babies. There are pacifiers that fold up when they’re dropped, keeping the mouthpiece clean and away from the floor at all times. 

For the aspiring breastfeeding mother who is also career-driven, a good quality breast pump ensures the best nutrition can be supplied to the little one, even when mom is busy at work. In the case of breast pumps, quality makes all the difference. While the hand pumps might seem suitable, an electric pump is less stressful and far more efficient at extracting milk. 

2. Meal Delivery Service and Help Around the House

This sounds unconventional, but it’s one of the most helpful gifts a new parent can hope to receive. With a baby that seems to cue its wails at precisely the moment you hope to shower, take a nap, or eat some much-needed food, it can be difficult to prepare nourishing meals. It doesn’t seem like it while you’re expecting, but those early days call for all the help you can get. 

A meal delivery service offers a healthier alternative to takeaways. Add requests for vouchers to your registry as this will allow you to choose the meals you prefer at the times that suit you best. 

3. Baby Monitor

A baby monitor will give you the freedom to enjoy a few leisurely tasks without worrying that the noise you’re making might wake the baby. It allows you to create an environment in which the baby can’t hear you, but you can hear the baby. The more expensive monitors come with breathing sensors to monitor the baby’s breathing, visuals of the baby, and sound. The more cost-effective models only confer sound to the listener. 

4. Bibs and Burp Cloths

It’s not unusual to go through a fair number of bibs and burp cloths in one morning alone. Babies haven’t developed the one-way function of the esophagus as yet, which means after each feed, their milk can come right back up with the slightest bump. The mop-up is done with bibs and burp cloths. Modern versions come in beautiful colors, patterns, and textures. 

5. Baby Carriers

Babywearing is a hot new trend that many mothers are embracing for more independence. This involves keeping the child close against the caregiver’s body, usually in a softer type of carrier rather than a structured one. The idea is that the baby should be right up against the caregiver, sharing body warmth and feeling a sense of closeness and connection. This is soothing to the baby and can encourage better sleep. For the wearer, babywearing keeps the precious little one close, comfortable, and quiet so that other tasks can be done in peace. 

Items You Can’t Place on Your Registry

New mothers need lots of love and support. This isn’t something you can add to your registry, but you can start to cultivate relationships during your pregnancy so that you have supportive figures around you when the time comes. Most importantly, enjoy each phase as it comes, whether or not you know all the tricks and have all the tools.