Wednesday, September 8, 2021

3 Questions To Ask When Building Your Home

Most people buy their family homes, but it's not uncommon to build one. This means you deal with the construction of your home from start to finish. There's a plot of land for you to build on, and you can literally construct the home of your dreams. It has many advantages over buying a house, but there are some key questions to ask before you decide to go down this route and build a home:

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Who will build your home?

To start, who is going to help you build your home? Is this something you or your partner are going to handle all by yourselves? If you/your partner owns a construction company, then fair enough, you probably can deal with it. However, most people will need to hire builders for this job, and this is a monumental decision that can impact the whole outcome. There's an article here titled How to Choose a Home Builder that you might find useful in providing tips on how to narrow your search. It's all about finding a trustworthy and reliable company that fits your budget and has experience building high-quality homes. 

How much will it cost?

What is the estimated cost of building your home? For a reference point, the national average is $248,000 to build an average-sized home. By contrast, the median sale price of homes is $374,900. As you can see, building a home should be cheaper than buying one when you take the averages. So, you want to be sure that the cost of building your new property doesn't get too high that it would be much cheaper to buy one. If it is cheaper to buy a house and make improvements, then you can save time and money by doing so. 

Also, more obviously, you need to worry about the costs in terms of what you can conceivably afford. You might discover that the cost of building your home is simply too much for you to handle

Why do you want to build a home?

This is a fantastic question to ask yourself as it can really help you determine if this is a good decision or not. What's the reason behind this ambition? Do you want to build a home that's completely tailored to your needs and will be made for your family? Or, do you just want to move into a new house? If you have chosen the second option, it is almost always easier to buy a house instead of building one. Building homes typically makes the most sense when you have specific needs that aren't being met by the other properties on the market. 

Ask yourself these three questions when you're thinking about building a new home. Afterward, you might have a better idea as to whether or not you should go ahead with the build. Some of you may realize it's actually a very bad idea, and coming to this realization will save a lot of money and stress! For others, answering the questions can help solidify your belief that this decision is right, giving you more clarity on what to do.


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Your first step when building a custom home is to make sure that you partner with a reputable builder. At your pre-construction meeting, make sure to ask about experience, licensing, and partnerships that your builder has formed. It may also be a good idea to inquire about them online or with neighboring businesses and competitors.