Monday, October 11, 2021

'Making The Most Of Your First Date



First dates can be simultaneously the most exciting and nerve wracking time of our lives. Starting on your dating journey is always a challenge and finding a great person to meet and spend time with is hard. 

Whether you meet people locally, use a black chat line number, or go on tinder - there are many people out there ready to meet you and connecting with the right one is amazing. 

So, now you’ve found a good person you want to plan the best first date ever - where do you start? 

Well, today we have some great ideas to help you make your first date count. 

Dress for the occasion 

The first thing you want to do when going out on a first date is dress up for the occasion and make sure you look the part. It might be tempting here to go full on glam with your makeup, however on a first date it is always better to keep things more natural with a simple fresh eye look to match. Your first date is all about showing off your natural beauty, and if you go full glam this might give the wrong impression and is not authentic to you. In terms of outfit - choose something that is cute as well as comfortable because you will likely be eating a meal and there is nothing worse than a bloating stomach in a bodycon dress! Stick to a skater style and you’ll feel gorgeous and comfortable all evening long. 

Pick somewhere you love 

When choosing a first date that will impress it is important to find somewhere you love to share with your date. Choosing somewhere you genuinely like will help bring your closer together and it will connect the other person to you and your world. This is something that can be make or break for a first date because where you go will determine what type of person you are. 

Try a unique activity 

A fun way to vamp up a date is with a unique activity. As well as heading out for a meal you could try going go karting, axe throwing, or mini golfing. Trying a different activity with your first date allows you both to see a different side to one another and most of the time you’ll get to know more of the real person behind their dinner table facade. 

Go for drinks afterwards 

When finishing up your date, head out to a bar and enjoy a couple of drinks together. Going for a quiet rink and having the time to chat is a great way to get to know each other and learn more about who they are. 

Watch the sunset 

For a romantic end to your perfect first date, head out to the countryside or to the top of a building and watch the sun setting over the horizon. This is something that will feel magical for both of you and is likely to get the sparks flying, leading to that magical first kiss.