Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Solving The Annoying Aspects of Technology

 There’s a lot to love about technology. It makes things easier, you can communicate with anyone in the world in an instant, and it affords flexibility, to name just three advantages. Indeed, once you begin to look up all that it can add to your life, you begin to wonder how people ever lived without having internet-enabled machines in their lives. However, it’s not as if things are all good. They can be annoying, too. 

And those annoying elements can seriously derail our enjoyment, not just of tech, but of our lives. In this blog, we’ll run through some of the frustrating aspects and also offer advice on how we can overcome them. 

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The Cost

Computers can bring a lot to your life -- but you’ll have to pay for the privilege. And alas, since nothing lasts forever, we often find that we need to pay just to keep them in our lives, be it through investing in a machine or costly repairs. Though there’s no way to avoid the expenses altogether, there are things you can do that’ll keep costs down. The number one thing to do is to look after your devices. Treat them with care, handle any problems when they arise, and keep a close eye on them. When you need to replace a device, take a look at refurbished products. They’re often just as good as new devices but can cost a lot less.

The Stress

One of the good things about computers and smartphones is that we’re always connected. But this can be problematic, too. When it feels like we’re always online, it can be difficult to get some headspace or to switch off from work. To get around this, it’s important to take a proactive approach to your tech time. Can you set yourself a couple of hours a day when your phone and computer are switched off? This can sound ridiculous to some people, but you’ll likely find that you get used to it pretty quickly!

The Updates

Updates can be good, but there are other times when we wish that the people that create devices would just leave them alone. While we can get used to a new layout, in some cases, apps that we used to rely on don’t work with the update, and that creates a problem. There is a way to regain access to your old apps, however -- revert back to the old platform you were using. If you’re a Mac user, then follow the instruction for creating a bootable installer. Just like that, you’ll be on a different OS type!

The Physical Impacts 

Computer devices are generally created with functionality in mind, not physical comfort. As such, many people -- especially those that type a lot -- can end up with wrist and finger pain or bad posture. Get around this issue by investing in a standalone keyboard and ergonomic mouse. A laptop stand will help to ensure your posture is correct. You should also take regular breaks to rest your body too. 


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